My Vacation Memories Stone

by Lorelei.
(Coastal South Carolina USA)

My husband and I rented a mountain cabin in North Carolina this past summer to kayak the beautiful lakes there.

My very special souvenir.

My very special souvenir.

It was raining one of the days and we were bent over from kayaking so much, so we decided to drive into a nearby town. Oooo, stop, I see a stone store!!

We went inside and talked to the owner. I was breathless over all the naturally lovely stones he had. I bought this ocean jasper cabochon and some unakite.

The owner invited us to stop by on our way home. He took us to his house and showed us his personal collection of amazing emeralds, rubies, malachite, meteorites, tourmaline, and many other stones in their natural form.

I was in heaven! It was nice to meet someone as crazy about pretty rocks as I am. When I wrapped the cab, it was my first time using half hard and square wire.

Every time I wear it, I think about that wonderful vacation.


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  • Lorelei, it’s so cool to find a kindred spirit like that on a vacation – and then get to see his personal collection of stones, etc! He was probably equally delighted with the opportunity to have you – a fellow stone lover – appreciating and understanding his collection.

  • Lorelei says:

    Thank you for including me in your Jewelry Challenge! We used to go to the tourist “mining” places where, if you were lucky, you could find a low-quality seeded stone amongst a lot of quartz. Buying high-quality stones at the stone store actually saved us money (that’s how I justified my purchases, anyway! 🙂 ).

  • Sarah R says:

    What a great opportunity you had! The stone you used is beautiful. Ocean jasper is a favorite of mine.

  • Mary Anne says:

    Oh so beautiful! I love the square wire and the way you wrapped the fabulous stone.

  • Lorelei56 says:

    Thank you! We still haven’t had the chance to travel back there but I have bought more ocean Jasper which I hope to have the time to work on soon.

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