My Table Set Up at My House Shows

by Shannon Stallard.
(Atlanta, Ga.)

My Table

I have a large farmhouse style table in my kitchen. I have been doing small shows from my own home right now for many reasons – I want to perfect my setup before I go to a real show, the economy right now, and just to have more control over my work.

I’m able to see what most people like or don’t like about my work or my setup.

For example, at my first show I had someone ask me for a shopping basket. Thank goodness that 2 rooms away were many little baskets that belong to my 5-year-old.

I like the intimate atmosphere of a home show too. I always have inexpensive finger food and wine spritzers for the ladies and gentlemen who come. You know you can’t really do that at a craft show.

So anyway here’s my table in action.

Shannon Stallard
Shannon Stallard Jewelry Design and Artistry


Love your booth sign!
by: Rena

It looks like a very nice and comfortable place to shop, Sharon.

Your booth sign is very professional too.

It’s a lovely touch to provide finger-foods and drinks, and I think customers really appreciate how different (and how much more pleasant) it is to browse and shop in the kind of environment you’ve created, compared to a noisy, busy shopping mall.

Thanks for sharing how you do your home jewelry shows!

I’m wondering what is the wonderfully tall black stand in the center of your table?

Tall black stand and banner?
by: Suzy in MN

I too am wondering what the tall black stand is in the middle of your table. Also, I love the banner! Where did you get this made and how much did it cost? I have been looking into banners and they seem very pricey 🙁

Love the banner and black table stand
by: Patricia

That banner is wonderful! Those are expensive but I think if you can afford them, are great for shows. Someday I might get one made too.

The black stand is also an attention grabber. It’s lovely.

by: Spirit

I’m not sure where Shannon got her banner, but I do know that has them. You can design them on-line and they ship with in 2-3 days. I am having a banner made for my husband’s detaiil shop…now I may just get one for my craft business.

by: Judy

Based on the fact that Shannon’s website is hosted by Vista Print, I’m nearly certain that’s where she got that banner. I bought one for my Jewelry Business through Vista Print as well. Believe me, they’re NOT expensive! I think I paid about $13 for mine. Go check them out! They’re very nice quality vinyl. Here’s where you can get them:

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