My Sister’s Inspiration

by patricia poss.
(United States)

I do some handmade pieces and retail jewelry

I do some handmade pieces and retail jewelry

Hi. My name is patti and Irecently started a jewelry selling business of my own about 2 years ago. I had given up my job to come back to my hometown of Walton and tend to my ill sister.

I started out selling Avon for some extra income,and although we had no funds nor means to start out my sisters interest in what we were doing gave her a gift of enthusiasm and joy that I hadn’t seen in my sister for some time.

She had since passed away and with her inspiration on my side I managed to educate myself on the business end enough to open my business. As of yet I can not manage to rent a store so I have been attending any available local markets and recently started selling on line.

If anyone has any advise on possibly some good web sites that  I could sell my items and become more exposed without costing me much I would so appreciate it.

I love Rena and all her advise and this web page has been a guide for me along my way. Thank you so much

Patricia Poss
Rosegail jewelry


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