My Rugged Rustic Ring

by Maxine Booth.
(United States)

my copper ring following Rena's tutorial

my copper ring following Rena’s tutorial

Got my copper cut and ready. Now can’t decide which bead to use with it. One of these is a poly clay moon face I made, but it would have to be glued on.

What do you think of the choices here?

Maxine Booth
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  • Oooh, lots of interesting bead choices, Maxine! One thing you might consider is how much you want the bead to stand out and contrast with the metal parts of the ring.

    If you do the boiled egg patina (and depending on how long you let the patina develop), your metal may wind up with sort of Autumn colors like mine did. If that happens, your Autumn colored beads would tend to blend in and look like part of the patina – which might be a cool effect.

    If you wanted more contrast between metal and bead, the greener / bluer beads or the white / clear beads might stand out better.

    I love your poly clay moon face! I haven’t experimented with gluing components to sheet metal. If you haven’t either, you might want to test gluing a different poly clay cab to a scrap of copper sheet first.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your finished ring! 🙂

  • Bella says:

    Hello Maxine,
    I agree with Rena the autumnal colours would look great.
    How ever I love the little face for a more unusual approach you could glue the polymer to the bluey glass square bead, ( make the square bead on the diagonal before you glue your polymer face on ), would make an interesting ring, and very different, you could also then put a couple of square pieces of metal on the shank of the ring, ( on the diagonal again to balance up the square diagonal bead with face on.
    Dare to be different?.

  • Maxine Booth says:

    Great ideas, ladies! I did try the boiled egg but just didn’t like how it turned out so I sanded it back down and used E6000 to attach my little moon face. Then at a friend’s suggestion I glued tiny copper beads all around the face…I like it and am not sure I want to sell it! I’ll try to post a pic here.

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