My Rendition of Scarf Jewelry

by Janet Smith.
(Lowell, Ohio, USA)

I was given a scarf similar to the ones pictured in this blog, (which are quite beautiful). Then I came upon the idea of designing my own.

These are quick to make, using approx. 12 inches of wire, a single large hole bead that will accommodate a doubled strand of wire , and a donut or other large whole gemstone or bead.

These are selling quite well as Christmas gifts for me. I do not have a website as yet but am including a link to my flicker album. Hope you like these.

Janet Smith
Simply Wired


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  • Dolores Stone says:

    I am impressed by the beauty created for the scarves and I would like to know how to wear them and how to put them on. If I knew that I might try to make some.

  • Marilyn says:

    I tried some of these as well, but used the pre-made scarf bails and sold every one of my scarves. Exciting and now I’m going to try making my own bails and see how they turn out.

  • Louise Scott says:

    I had a look at your beautiful work on Flicker and can see you have a substantial practice. What I can’t believe is that you don’t have a website to sell from! Please, if you don’t have the skills – find someone who can show you how to set up an account with user friendly sites such as Artfire or Etsy. There is a whole world of customers out there.

  • Teresa says:

    Just beautiful! Very creative and classy!! Congratulations and I hope you sell dozens and dozens. Etsy would be a good place for you “to get out there”.

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