My “Purple Roses of Cairo” Necklace Became Sweater Jewellery

by Tamara Summers.
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

A while ago, I created a necklace with a number of re-purposed purple roses, and named it my “Purple Roses of Cairo” necklace, because that’s what I thought every time I looked at it. I did like it, but wasn’t sure that it was totally what I wanted.

TSummers: My "Purple Roses of Cairo"

One morning, while putting on my greenish-turquoise cardigan, I was searching for more embellishment to add to the bugle bead design already on it. I happened upon my necklace, held up the roses to my sweater, and knew instantly that I wanted to take apart the necklace and put the roses on it.

So I did, right then and there, one of those “don’t over-think it, just go with it on the spot” kind of projects. I’ve embellished clothing, almost as a compulsion, for longer than I’ve been making jewellery, and would actually really like to focus on that one day.

Sweater Jewellery Close-Up

Sweater Jewellery Close-Up

There were glass butterflies and vintage rhinestones in the necklace design, but I added some purple crystals to the sweater as well, for another shade of colour. I love my sweater now! Adorned with it’s jewellery, it’s perfect for holiday events!

Tamara Summers
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