My Newbie Card!

by Tanya.
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Jewelry business card for The Fix Designs

Hello, everyone! I am so very new to selling my jewelry that my only customers so far are my friends.

I am on the road to making this into a profitable business, but the process is very slow because I’m having a hard time deciding on marketing colors and designs.

My other problem is that I have not been able to limit my designs to one specific genre.

This is my latest business card design.

Please let me know what you think I could do better.

Tanya Foster
The Fix Designs


Nice jewelry business card
by: Rena

Hi Tanya,

I really like the color you’ve chosen for the card’s text – it’s uncommon, and therefore refreshing and memorable!

I’m sure the actual card is much more clear than the photo comes out here on the web – but I’d like to be able to see your bracelet photo a little more clearly.

(However, if it actually is nice and clear on the real card, please disregard that!)

Overall, I think it’s very pleasing and professional looking!

by: Lynne Cirillo

I really like the photo of something you made in the background, makes it different from everybody else. I live in Florida, and I can’t tell you how many people have the palm tree design. Having the word- fix- larger makes people notice it, good trick. I’m also just starting out and found the local farmer’s market as a good place. I’m there every Sat.8-12,in downtown Venice, FL. I’ve meet tons of people and have alot of repeat customers. Good luck!

Card design
by: Angie S

Is beautiful. Nice colors, letter spacing and balance!

Thank you!
by: Tanya

Thanks so much for your comments. I’ve ordered them and should be receiving them by Monday. I ordered them through Printing Center USA. I will let you know how they turn out!

by: Delia

I love everything about your card except the phrase “handcrafted and artist designed jewelry.”
It just doesn’t seem to have ‘flow’ to it in my opinion. I would prefer it be phrased something like “Handcrafted Artisan Jewlery.”

The picture of the bracelet is perfect. I always have pics of my stuff on my cards. Often times when people take your card home, if there is nothing distinct about your card to remind them what it was that you had that they were attracted to, it goes in the garbage in short order. In fact, I have a selection of cards with six different pictures on them that showcases some of the different styles that I offer. People will often pick through my cards to find a card with a picture of something with the techniqe they liked best. On that note, you might consider doing something similar.

Either way, I think you have managed to create an effective business card. The ‘phrase-ology’ is a minor issue in the end. 🙂

Neat Idea, Delia –
by: Rena

– to have a selection of business cards with different jewelry photos for customers to choose from!

I can imagine some folks wanting one of each, like collecting trading cards.

by: Tanya

Thanks for the comment about the phrase. I did have a hard time with it because I read that if you use just “handcrafted” it means that nothing in the jewelry is manufactured, but made from all raw materials. Some parts of my designs are handcrafted, but much is also created with beads and things that are already made. This phrase is what I ended up with, but I’m sure it will change over time as I learn new things and build my brand.

Word Play
by: Marti

You could probably simplify the words under your name, etc. From your title, & the company name, there’s no doubt you are an artist & designer. What about ‘Unique Jewelry Creations,’ ‘Artisan Jewelry Creations.’ Or something like that. Or you might even go in a totally different direction with the tag line (or none at all).

On one of my cards, I have a list of many of the various items I sell. That way, by seeing the list of items, a customer will more likely remember my table & items I sold. Sometimes I even leave a space for notes on the back of the card & encourage customers to write down whatever item caught their attention to remember who I am. That way, it’s not just a card w/contact info that you forget what items were for sale that you liked.

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