My New Jewelry Workbench from My Resident “Handyman”

by Lynda Carson.
(Spring Valley, California USA)

Refurbished jewelry workbench in chocolate brown.

Gotta love my resident handyman! AKA husband. He really listened to my ideas and needs for a jewelry bench and then redesigned his father’s old workbench that had been lying around our garage for 20 years.

I painted it a lovely chocolate brown and decorated the pegboard backing. The magnetic bar for hand tools is now up and I love it!!

Lynda Carson
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  • Nice bench. My husband has no inclination to make anything, I’m the handyman around the house. If I can’t do it, my son and daughter do it for me.

  • Deb Beechy says:

    nice! Boyfriend said he’d buy me one.

  • Pam says:

    I love that your hubby’s father’s bench was renovated for you! There is intrinsic value in older items like this, and moreso because it was a family member’s!

    Reminds me of the solid oak kitchen table that I just can’t part with, even though it is disassembled right now. Raised the kids there, colored, play-doh’d, made cookies, kid-crafts and my first craft business products there, homeschooled my kids on that table. It’s like it’s now a living organism with memory cells! 😀 Enjoy your new bench!

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