My New Earring Cards

by Kathleen Davis.
(Fiddletown CA)

Earring cards for Kathleen Davis Designs


My earrings were on plain business card stock with my name Kathleen Davis Designs printed in purple.

I kept that look, however I wanted to add some pizazz to each card.

I embellished each card with a design on regular white business card stock using software called Printmaster.

I made up a bunch of different colors and designs, and I am still creating different ones to match the colors of the earrings that I create. So here are just a few of them.

I also put them in the clear see through bags. It keeps the sterling silver from tarnishing, and keeps the jewelry looking very professional.

I cut the card down on some of them for smaller earrings.

These are so much fun and I just love the nice presentation.

For Christmas I will make some with a Christmas design. What do you think?

See more designs of these cards in my next post, More Earring Cards.

Kathleen Davis
Kathleen Davis Designs


Lovely earring card idea!
by: Rena

What a great idea, Kathleen! I love how you customize each card’s colors and design for a specific pair of earrings. A whole display of these must be wonderfully colorful and appealing!

I like your idea for the Christmas edition of earring cards.

GREAT idea!
by: andisbejewledboutique

I did the exact same thing for my earrings. I purchsased Easycardpunch (it costs approx $50, & comes with a punch for two holes and one for lever back earrings).
I made mine similar, but hadn’t thought of matching my earrings to my cards. My customers LOVED the idea that I put them in Cello bags (fit exactly to biz card size). They thought it looked ‘very professional’. Just a tip, I also printed and put my biz cards behind the earring card, also in the cello bag, facing the back, so my customers will see that if they turn the earring package around.
Thanks for the add’l idea of matching with the earrings, & good luck to you!

Earring Cards
by: Leta of letamariedesigns

Kathleen, your Earring Cards look very nice. I have been using printmaster for the past 2 years for mine as well. Its so inexpensive to buy your own card stock and do them yourself. Leta

Pretty designs
by: Mitzi

I like the idea of matching your earrings to the design on each card, and they are pretty. But it’s just not practical since I do larger and multiple shows a year. I just can’t take the time to make matching cards when I’m making hundreds of earrings a year.

I prefer a recognizeable card which is my logo, business name, tag line and website. I used to use business cards years ago and it worked fine until I started doing bigger shows. Now I still make them on cardstock but each card is only 1 1/4 ” x 1 1/2″ with the 1″ adhesive adapter attached to back. Half of the page includes dots centerd by computer as guides for hole puching with a jewelers awl, the other half is for necklace or bracelet cards. This size allows twice as many earrings on each slat or track of my earring carosel or slat wall and is small enough for necklace/bracet tags. My business cards, signage and letterhead all match making it recognizeable even from a distance.

Keep up your work, it’s truly lovely.

by: Terri Wlaschin

I love how you managed to keep your brand (name in purple on each card), vary your design to match your earrings and have fun with it at the same time. That’s what really matters – when you can make work be fun!!!

Earring cards
by: Anonymous

I really like using the business card idea for

Earring Cards
by: Anonymous

Butterfly Blossomes Designs

business cards for earrings
by: Daliah

So do you just lay them down flat with the earrings on them? Do they still show well? Or did you buy the plastic back to hang them from? I think it is a great idea to use the buisness card this way. l

Card Size Please?
by: Maria Jenny

What size is the card?

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