My Mixed Metal Jewellery Tins

by Jim Osment.
(Brisbane Australia)

My tin packaging

For my jewellery I was looking for inexpensive packaging that still looks great.

I guess my number 1 tip for lower priced jewellery is to check the cost of posting parcels.

I found that if the package in a padded envelope ends up less than 20mm thick, it will post as a letter instead of a small parcel which is much much cheaper and you can use some of the savings to buy a nicer package. (In Australia, may be different elsewhere, but should check it out first.)

I bought little heart shaped tins which cost me about a dollar each and then I designed my logo/label so that I could print it on my laser printer at home and then cut them out by hand.

This method suits my low margins, and current low numbers of sales, since I’m just trying to get started.

Jim Osment
Hammered Hearts
Handmade Mixed Metal Jewellery


Steampunk jewelry packaging
by: Rena

I love these tins, Jim! They suit your mixed-metal Steampunk-style jewelry perfectly, and your customized labels / branding for them look really professional.

I imagine these tins also do a good job of protecting your jewelry during shipping.

And they’re such nifty little containers that I’m sure your customers keep them – with the reminder of your jewelry business every time they use them!

Thanks so much for sharing your innovative jewelry packaging idea with us, and the tip for considering the cost of postage.

Innovation at its best
by: Sharon

I’m so impressed with your idea for packaging your jewelry. Your steampunk hearts are amazing too. No doubt, your wonderful work will be discovered soon, don’t give up!


Jewellery Tins
by: Dorothy Hubbard

Jim, that is a creative and great idea. Very nice!!

Great Tins!
by: Maelinde


Your tins are wonderful! It is a fantastic idea to completely package your SteamPunk jewelry so well.

I wish you much success in your endeavors.

Thank you for sharing with us,too.

Thank you!
by: Jim

Thank you all for your nice feedback. I’m glad you like the tins.I hope some of you follow the link above to my shop and have a look around.

Im impressed
by: Hope Stones

Awesome idea!!

Good Idea
by: Erika

Good idea not only does it look good but it helps to protect the jewelry.

Great Labels
by: Fran

When I first saw the tins, I thought that your logo was printed right on the tin. I’m thinkin’ how’d he do that?! Then you mentioned the laser printer labels… only then did I notice that they were labels. Very nice DIY touch.

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