8) My Jewelry Display Tables

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These jewelry display tables are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport and store:

One of my jewelry display tables, opened up and ready to use.

I finally have display tables I love, and I have four of them.

They’re lightweight, collapsible aluminum camping tables that fold up into stuff-sacks. I can sling the stuff-sacks’ straps onto my shoulders (like you’d carry a purse), and actually carry all four tables at once.

Jewelry display table folded up and stored in its stuff-sack.

When these tables are fully opened, the table top area measures 47″ x 27.5″. It’s a very useable size for arranging inside nearly any booth space.

They are 27.5″ high.

They are Lewis and Clark brand, Fold-and-Go Camp Table. The label also says “aluminum alloy table, lightweight, portable, quick and easy setup”.

I bought them at Sam’s Club, where they tend to be a seasonal item available mainly in spring and summer. I don’t remember the exact price, but I think they were somewhere around $40 each when I bought them.

However, I’ve also seen these (and similar tables) online year-round; try searching online for “aluminum picnic table”, “aluminum camping table”, “folding aluminum table”, etc.

Although I don’t use any kind of table risers, it would be easy to use PVC-pipe leg extenders on these tables, or raise them up on a set of bed risers if you’d like to make your tabletops closer to eye level.

Jewelry display table folded up.

Also, I sometimes use a fifth table that’s not pictured here – for my packaging and transaction station in my booth, I use the mini card-table that came with my Honda CRV (it folds up to store in its special nook in the bottom of the vehicle’s cargo area).

See the rest of my jewelry booth display.

Learn how my modular jewelry show display sets up in just 30 minutes.

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