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I have two jewelry carrying cases that work wonderfully for storing and transporting my jewelry inventory.

One of my jewelry carrying cases, made to hold stacking jewelry trays.

I spent many years awkwardly lugging around four huge rubbermaid containers with jewelry, displays, packaging supplies, etc. rattling around in them.


But when I switched over to my new jewelry display system, I invested in two of these rolling aluminum jewelry cases.

What a difference!

Since my entire display system is now based on 14.75″ x 8.25″ stacking black jewelry trays, these cases suit me perfectly.

They’re designed specifically to hold a stack of jewelry trays, and I usually have 16 to 20 trays full of jewelry stacked up in each case.

There’s a short version and a tall version of these aluminum jewelry tray carrying cases. I have the tall version.

They have an extending handle and wheeled base, which turn them into sturdy, rolling jewelry luggage.

The mesh pockets inside the door of each case can hold my receipt books, calculators, pens, hand wipes, and other things that are good to keep ready.

Perfect for Private Jewelry Showings
and Home Parties

By the way, if you take your jewelry around to shops and galleries, these cases are a really professional and easy way to make a good impression, show a lot of jewelry in a short time, and stay organized.

Same thing if you have customers come by to shop from you at home, or if you do trunk shows, private jewelry showings, or jewelry home parties.

You can wheel one of these cases in and informally pass around organized trays of jewelry for people to shop from them.

I put a little sticker on the end of each of my jewelry trays, telling me what’s in the tray so I can find any piece of jewelry from my inventory in seconds – just by opening the door of my jewelry carrying case.

Important: These tall aluminum cases are pretty heavy when they’re fully loaded with jewelry.

Unless you’re fairly strong, you may have trouble lifting them in and out of your vehicle.

So instead, you may prefer one of these types of cases:

* the shorter version of this aluminum case (which is about half as tall), or

* the nylon tote bags that are designed specifically for these stackable jewelry trays.

Where to Find These Cases

Many online suppliers of jewelry components and displays have cases similar to these.

While shopping for my own jewelry carrying cases, I found that eBay and jewelry suppliers such as Rio Grande had the best prices on these.

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