1) My Jewelry Booth Display – 30 Minutes to Set Up

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My jewelry booth display system is easy, cheap, professional looking – and I can set up the entire thing in just 30 minutes.

I’m going to show you how I go from completely packed up:

Packed up for an art show, with everything I need for setting up my full jewelry display.

… to completely set up and ready to sell jewelry:

My jewelry booth, fully set up at an art show.

… all in about half an hour!

I love this modular jewelry booth display system. For my purposes, it’s the best I’ve ever had.

This very simple setup uses jewelry display elements that are quite cheap to buy and are easily found at most jewelry display and supply companies.

See the Components of
My Jewelry Booth Display:

* Jewelry Display Trays
These stacking jewelry trays are the cornerstone of my setup; they make my jewelry inventory easy to store and very fast to set up and take down.

* Display Risers
How to make display risers for your jewelry booth, cheaply and easily – with elegant results.

* Jewelry Carrying Case
I use two of these wheeled carrying cases, to hold all of my jewelry inventory and displays. They work wonderfully for storing my jewelry at home or transporting it to shows and home parties.

* Booth Lights
I’ve found that lighting up my jewelry display increases my sales significantly. Here are the lamps I use in my display.

* Booth Signs
Here’s what I use for sign holders to display and protect the signs I use inside my jewelry booth.

* Jewelry Display Tables
These tables are what I use at art shows, jewelry parties, and other venues. They’re compact, portable, lightweight – and perfect for my needs.

* How My Jewelry Show Display Works
How all the elements of my display work together for a fast booth setup time of about 30 minutes.

When I first started selling the jewelry I make, I had a very elaborate display. It took over two hours to set everything up, and another two hours to take it all down again after a show or jewelry party.

In fact, my displays were so time-consuming and exhausting that they almost made me decide that a jewelry business was too much work!

So I kept streamlining my jewelry display a bit more after each show, to make it simpler. But it wasn’t until I finally sat down and made a list of what I need in a jewelry display system that I came up with the setup I use now.

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