My Jewelry Booth Display: A Work in Progress

by Joan.
(Poway, California USA)

Every Saturday, when I setup my jewelry booth display I do something different. I’m still not completely happy with it.

Joan: My Booth Display: A Work in Progress 1

Sometimes I have a 10 ft. + space. I’m considering adding a box or something to place my forms on, or add a shelf. I don’t like just laying my jewelry on the table top.

Joan: My Booth Display: A Work in Progress 2

I’m also not sure of the large tilted display in back on my main table. My jewelry consists of: shells, stones, driftwood, etc. natures products. wire wrapping, cords, leather and chains, so there’s an assortment. Some fancy some down to earth styles. rings, bracelets and earrings.

Joan: My Booth Display: A Work in Progress 3

I don’t want it cluttered, so I don’t put everything out.


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  • Joan, if you have return customers at your Saturday shows, I’m sure they’re more motivated to browse through your wares because your booth looks a little different each time. I also like that your booth feels uncluttered, yet there’s still a lot of jewelry to see.

  • Joan Peterson (Joan's) says:

    thank you Rena for your comment. I’m working on a new display with shelves. I will send you a before & after. I’m so excited about the new one. I do have a lot of return customers. They say they recve many compliments and want to know where they find “my” jewelry. Makes me happy. I do know they’re very unique and creative. I’m proud of what I make and don’t mind talking with anyone and everyone about my ideas/process, etc. I have made many friends. thank you for your website. very helpful and interesting. joan

  • Joan- I like your idea of switching up your displays. I like to do that too, it’s fun to come up with different ideas. It does make it more interesting for your return customers as well.

    I find it is easier to do displays for outdoor shows- the tent provides more display options and is a bigger space usually than indoor shows. I am getting ready for my first jewelry only indoor show, and am I struggling with the limitations of one table and how to set everything up.

    Previously I have used vintage boxes and would have my jewelry tags standing up inside them, but am looking to do something different. I was considering adding as you mentioned some shelves type display…I was thinking if I could some how add 3 graduated levels, without being bulky or to overwhelming, a lot of jewelry could be displayed.

  • Susan, not sure if something like my Small Jewelry Booth would help you with your one-table booth space? Of course you would use your signature earthy elements instead of the more mainstream displays I used in that setup – but it was a good way to show a fair amount of jewelry in a 3.5′ x 2′ space.

  • Dawn says:

    I use matching small plastic totes to carry most of my stuff. I cover them with fabric to make risers as needed. Sometimes I use boards on top of them for a longer shelf and even use cut pieces of 3″PVC pipe topped with narrower boards for another level. Cover it all with fabric. The risers that can be changed as your show space changes.

  • It’s always a good idea to have different levels in your booth for interest. I have collapsible risers (thanks to my handy husband) that raise my pendants closer to eye level. I also made slip covers in matching fabric for all of my tables, so the wind doesn’t blow them around.

  • Barbara says:

    Interesting how that darker blue panel draws the eye in, and the grey-blue allows the table to float, especially compared to the brown-covered tables. I’m in the process of changing my table(s), as well. I find that if i take photographs of the displays I can see where things aren’t working, if there is too much clutter from a distance (even though on the table, things are grouped by colour/material/theme). There’s even more to consider when I can easily go from half a table (2.5’x4′) at one show to three full tables at the next one.

  • I have used the paper cases from Michael’s that look very vintage. They have different sizes and can be stacked for varied heights. The other advantage is that you can use them for jewelry storage after your show.

  • joan says:

    Hi, here’s another display I came up with. I finally made my shelf. it consists of a top & bottom shelf. held together with back hinges. ea. one can be tilted or straight across. the bottom one can just be dropped flat and will fit against the back drop that holds them all. I am showing a pic of them completed with some displays. it is also completely collapsible (easy to transport). I made another change that I will try this feb. and send you some more pics.

    I like the shelf idea, also made some light colored forms that fit into a long ribbed board under or infront of the shelf. one other thing I do is drill holes into my table top and into a long board that some of my longer displays are held together with. then I use long bolts/nuts to hold them in place. I have a lot of holes drilled iinto my table top to accommodate diff. angles, etc. looks buckshot, but who cares. can’t see them, and they work really good, and are very sturdy.

    I enjoy looking at everyone’s displays and borrowed some ideas from them. i’m brimming with ideas, guess that’s why my displays are a little diff. ea. time, but still have my colors/look.

    so glad you have your forum here so I can share & learn. Thank you.

  • Joan, thanks for sharing your shelf innovation! The design sounds very useful. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos! 🙂

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