My Best Earring Display Ever

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved.

My best earring display ever probably isn’t what you’d expect.

But despite its lowly appearance, here is the one that has made the most sales and profits for me, by far:

That’s it???

Just a trunkful of earrings for people to rummage through?

You bet!

My best earring display ever is a rustic rattan trunk I bought at an outlet store years ago.

I fill it with simple one- or two-bead gemstone earrings on sterling silver earwires, which I mount on my custom earring cards and enclose in jewelry ziplock bags to prevent wear and tear.

My white earring cards show up well against the dark brown of the trunk, and inside the lid of the trunk, a sign entices people with volume discounts:

“Gemstone Bead
Handcrafted Earrings
Special Today!

$16 for 1 pair
$14 each for 3 pair
$12 each for 5 pair”

Believe it or not, people stand elbow-to-elbow, sifting through the collection of earring packets in the trunk, eagerly rummaging for 3 or 5 pairs of earrings to buy at a discount.

In addition to being hugely successful, this earring display is also a fantastically easy way to store and transport your jewelry!

Here it is, closed and ready to travel:

The ziplock bags help prevent tarnish and protect the earrings during rummaging.

And since the earrings cost me an average of $1.50 including the gift pouch I put them in when they sell, this is a nicely profitable part of my jewelry booth.

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