My Awesome Christmas Present – Handmade Jeweler’s Bench!

by Dawnmarie.
(Central Point, Oregon USA)

Jeweler's Bench - Handmade with Love

Jeweler’s Bench – Handmade with Love

Hello everyone!

I always knew my husband was very handy but this just puts him in a whole new category! Here’s my story…

One thing I love to do is fix jewelry.

I have no formal “experience” but I just jump in and fix mainly my own, but I have been doing some fixing of my family’s jewelry, nothing too hard, like putting in batteries in watches, changing out clasps, fixing chains, things like that.

My goal this spring is to take an online course that will give me the knowledge to do even more like soldering a chain or resizing rings and even fixing watches.

So here’s where my husband comes in…

I have an office with a small desk and that desk is always full of papers, files from my business and I always have a hard time fixing things with such little room.

I needed something that I could use to just fix jewelry.

I went online and looked at these great jeweler’s benches and thought, “can I afford this?”

These ranged in price but the cheapest I found was just under $500.

Well, I told my husband about it and we never spoke again about this very expensive jewelers bench because we just couldn’t justify the expense.

On Christmas morning I woke up and did what I normally do first thing, check my e-mails.

I just cried with joy! My husband made me a jeweler’s bench and it’s awesome!

He had no plans, just what I told him what I would like to have if I had $500.

He made it for $50.00 and he said it took him just a few hours. Crazy right?? My best Christmas present ever!

I thought I would share with you all because we don’t have to spend a lot of money on things – handmade is always better – more love is poured into these items.

Just like handmade jewelry, right?

Dawn Kruchoski
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Handmade Jeweler’s Bench
by: Rena

Dawn, that is SO AWESOME! What a great workspace – I bet you’re having so much fun organizing it and working there.

Your husband did a fantastic job – with designing and building the jeweler’s bench, as well as knowing the most romantic gift to give you.

I’m sure you feel totally loved every time you sit at your fab new bench.

This is one of the best jewelry Christmas gifts I’ve seen. Kudos to your hubby for his craftsmanship (and to you for choosing him!)


online course jewelry repair
by: Lorian

Hi…Love your new bench…what a guy! I was wondering if you have found online courses that teach jewelry repair? I’ve been wanting to do that myself.

That is a Beauty!
by: Michelle

That has got to be the best gift ever! Love it, hoping that many beautiful creations take over that bench and that it brings you luck and success 🙂 You are motivating me to take a photo of mine, which is not as professionally fabricated, but fun non the less. I will have to get on that little project and share it as well.
Best to you and the new bench!
Michelle (

Online Classes for Jewelry and watch repair
by: Dawnmarie Kruchoski

There are only 2 that I found, Jewelry & Watch Repair School of New England. It’s an online learn at your own pace class. Courses are:
*Restringing & Engraving
*Beginning & Intermediate Jewelry Repair
*Beginning & Intermediate Watch Repair
*Master Watchmaker
*Clock Repair

Their website is:
If I remember right, it’s about $750 for a course and you get all the materials and tools to complete the projects.

The 2nd one is Penn Foster Career School-Jewelry Design and Repair – another online study.
Their website is:

I am choosing Jewelry & Watch Repair School of New England because it’s not just a “course completed” – it’s a certification.

I would, however, check each one out. What is good for one may not necessarily be good for another.

I hope I helped just a bit!


Wonderful gift!
by: Skye

What a beautiful gift your husband made, so thoughtful! Thank you for sharing your story, it literally brought tears to my eyes…in a good way : ) I hope you’re abel to take
that online class soon and it brings you much success!

Enjoy and goodluck!

Skye’s the Limit
Custom Jewelry Design

bench instructions
by: whatmelissadoes

what a great gift. i love that you can hang your tools in front of you instead of the customary holders that i’ve seen.

since i’m single, i don’t really expect to have anyone surprise me with such a great gift on christmas gift, i’d love to know if you could provide some basic instructions on how he made the desk. i’m pretty handy and have a couple of friends with some of the larger tools necessary. i’d love to see if i could make one.


by: Maria Jenny

I have to say the bench is absolutely wonderful. It is exactly what I have been hoping for myself. I have a desk full of my jewelry projects and a bench that is out in the garage. But it is not located in a very likeable place. The bench your husband created is exactly what I need. I’ll have to show it to my husband.

Awesome Desk/Superior Hubbie/Your Talent
by: Kathie L

Wow! Your hubbie seriously rocks (I’m extremely proud to say, my hubbie is as thoughtful)! I wanted to comment on YOUR TALENT! Replacing, batteries, repairing clasps and soldering! You go girl! I think that your talent is like a beautiful orchid – a bud that has already begun to bloom and prosper – awaiting another blume…. Way to go! I seriously look forward to seeing your creativity evolve! Rena’s network will guide you, hold your hand and help you grow… We ARE a wonderful group of multi-talented individuals; which I feel extremely blessed to call myself a member…..

re: xmas present jeweler’s desk
by: Dawnmarie Kruchoski

Hi Whatmelissadoes & Maria Jenny,

It’s strange but he thinks of things inside his head and just goes with it. His whole family is like that. His brother makes gorgeous grandfather clocks and cabinets (not by any training – just learning as you go). Not so much different than some of you awesome jewelry makers! You get a vision and you just go with it!
I’ll talk to Steve tonight and see if he could draw up some simple plans and tools needed. He got lucky with the Cedar, he works at a place that has lot’s of great lumber like Cedar (my favorite!).

I’ll comment when I get his basic instructions and thanks so much for the support Kathie L! I agree this is THE best group I have ever been a part of!


by: Aileen of

I really like the desk. It is a little hard to see. Would it be possible to get a bigger picture? My husband was just talking to me about how he could convert my desk to make it more workable. Maybe if the pictures were bigger he could adapt it for mine. Thanks for sharing.

What a great hubby! Super Xmas gift!
by: Pam

Oooo Jealous here! I’d love to have something like this! Enjoy!


re: xmas present jeweler’s desk
by: Dawnmarie Kruchoski

Thanks Pam – it’s been awesome with the compact CSL on my 3 bulb lamp. I use it all the time now.
My husband said he is going to give me some sort of plans so if anyone here who has a “handyman”, they can use it to build you all a nice one too. I think it can be changed up whatever suits you the best. Give us a week and I’ll post them for all to see and feel free to upload them. I’ll have Rena upload it because I’m not sure if we can do that ourselves but either way – you’ll get it-from me or Rena.
Thanks again!

by: aileen

sounds great! Looking forward to them.

Awesome Jeweler’s Bench
by: Rena

Thanks so much, Dawnmarie and Hubby! I know everyone will really appreciate the jewelry bench plans! Thank you for your generosity. 🙂

re: xmas present jeweler’s desk
by: Dawnmarie Kruchoski

I consider this site my home away from home. I have used so many of your followers’ posts with all the wealth of information here – it is truly my pleasure. We need to stick together and this site is absolutely the friendliest and most honest I’ve been a part of. I am on many, many LinkedIn sites and it’s very business like – it’s ok because I get a lot of information for MY type of business which is not homemade (geez I wish I had half the talent you all have-and the patience!) so if I can provide things that will be useful – I will definitely do just that.
Thanks Rena – and the rest of you all!

Great Project!
by: Noreen

You are so fortunate to have such a loving and supportive hubby! He did a great job on the bench. Hope you have a wonderful future together!

re: xmas present jeweler’s desk
by: Dawnmarie Kruchoski

Thank you so much. Ok, I have to fess up – we were married for 21 years and the last 3 we let the fizzle go out of our marriage.
We prematurely signed divorce papers in February of last year and the day we handed them in, the judge signed them – that very same day! I moved to WI – back to my tiny home town and stayed 6mo and couldn’t stand it. I missed Steve, I missed Oregon – all of it. Even the cat from next door who thinks she lives with us!
So, the ending is…we are each others’ best friends and we do not take each other for granted anymore. That gift was oh so much more than just a jeweler’s desk, it was built by a man that did it with love and passion. I think of him every time I’m on it-which is often. That’s it – the truth is out. We are husband and wife in every sense of the word. Just not by the state of Oregon 🙂 Thank you all!
Dawnmarie Kruchoski

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  • beth says:

    Dawnmarie, what a lovely gift & a beautiful story behind it. thank you for sharing. Yes we are all so blessed to be surrounded with a bunch of talented ladies that are so willing to share. Me being a newbie i’m learning so much from all of you. Thank you all and Rena your a godsent:)

  • Debra says:

    Your bench is awesome! I do agree, handmade is better – because of the love that is put into it.

  • Irene says:

    Love you story and thank you for your authenticity and inspiration.

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