Movie Star Necklace Display

by Jane Jennings.

My necklace display idea was inspired by Carolina Gonzalez, who made necklace displays from cardboard cut-outs of ladies in 19th century paintings.

An image of Grace Kelly made into a necklace display.

I made my near-life-sized cutouts (chest up) with photos of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

I made them out of poster board, with the photos from the web blown up and glued on with spray adhesive.

Long earrings and matching necklace
are just Audrey Hepburn’s style!

I doctored the photos using Photoshop, erasing existing jewelry – and in Audrey’s case, her entire jacket!

After they were printed, they were a little blurry from being blown up, so I used a black colored pencil to clarify some lines.

Elizabeth Taylor’s famous deep-blue eyes
are enhanced by blue jewels.

I printed them in black and white, the better to show off the colorful jewelry they wore.

I made cardboard supports in the back (like the easel support on the back of a picture frame) out of more poster board, and taped them on with clear packing tape.

Then I glued reinforcements of plywood on the backs of the displays and on the supports.

Jewelry booth graced by classic movie stars.

Of course, I punched holes for the earrings, and cut into the pictures to allow the necklaces to go around the neck in the right place.

I wrapped Audrey and Grace in silk shawls, to look like evening gowns, to match the jewelry. Liz was already dressed!

I incorporated an antique thrift-shop mirror into my display, for more vintage appeal.

These ladies were real eye-catchers!

Multi-talented author Jane Jennings of Jewel Jungle says, “My varied career experience – opera singer, pianist, psychotherapist, decoupage artist – still enriches my life, and inspires my jewelry creations.”

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  • cebette says:

    Hi Jane, I love your necklace display idea! Your jewelry looks fabulous on them.

  • Great looking displays! What is the size of the busts? What size of paper did you use for printing? I love what you’ve done!

  • Karen L Craig says:

    Have you thought about copy write laws of using the pictures of famous, recognizable people? I love the look, but I would worry about that. Disney has an entire legal department that is always on the look-out for people who use the characters without permission.

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