Mother of Pearl “Earth Kissed” Necklace

by Kari Anderson.
(Kari’s Pearls)

Mother of Pearl "Earth Kissed" Necklace

Hi, My main interest is pearls, but “every pearl has a mother”!

Some time ago I came across a stash of very old, dirty mother of pearl (MOP) buttons.

Mother of Pearl "Earth Kissed" Necklace Detail

Something about them totally intrigued me. After washing them up, dirt still filled the crevices and the rusty stains remained fast. I decided to call them “earth kissed” because of this natural “patina”. That sounded a lot more romantic than “dirty, old, rusty” buttons. It was like they’d been hidden in the earth for half of a century and then discovered like a buried treasure.

Mother of Pearl "Earth Kissed" Necklace Detail

I know nothing about wire wrapping but thought I’d let my imagination go and give it a try using ordinary brass wire and no plan. I just added buttons and a few twists and turns as I went along and made a few necklaces.

Mother of Pearl "Earth Kissed" Necklace Detail

They caught the eye of my oldest daughter who asked if she could wear one. She came home with a smile on her face that day and told me about so many comments on it and how people didn’t even look at her but their eyes were locked onto the “earth kissed” necklace.

Mother of Pearl "Earth Kissed" Necklace Detail

Now I’m wondering if I could “manufacture” this “earth kissed” effect on newer looking buttons. I’m sure there’s a way but haven’t figured it out yet. If anyone knows how to “rust” mother of pearl buttons, please let me know.

Rena, your site is so fun and I love the fact there is no judge in your challenges. Everyone is a winner!

God bless. Kari

Kari Anderson
Kari’s Pearls

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