More Necklaces from Leftover Beads

by Kathy Zee.
(Fiddletown, California USA)

The first picture is some of my leftover beads. This is what I am making some of these necklaces from. I made a few that I posted a week or so ago.

Containers of leftover beads

Containers of leftover beads

One comment from Val suggested I make a necklace out of black and white and so I went into my shoebox and pulled out black and white beads.

KZee: Necklaces from Leftover Beads 2

I did buy the chain this time instead of using bits and pieces of chain. The second necklace I took pinks,m purples, all shades of those colors, added touches or greens.

Purples, greens, pinks with  shiny black chain links

Purples, greens, pinks with shiny black chain links

The chain is like a shiny black, almost looks like the finish on hematite. I am having so much fun creating these. I use 20 gauge artistic wire that holds the beads.

Kathy Zee
ZeeBlings by Kathy Zee

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