More About Storing the Jewelry You Wear (Video)

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena
Video Episode 33

by Rena Klingenberg.

When you’re choosing jewelry to go with your outfit, do you find it helpful to see a whole selection of your jewelry all at once?

Transcript of This Video:

I’d like to share a few cheap, easy ways you can store and display the jewelry you wear at home.

First of all, do you ever get those hangers when you buy clothes, that have the clippies at the ends?

Clippy Hange

If you do, it can be a handy way to not only store and display your jewelry at home:

Necklaces on a clippy hanger

. . . and I also like using these this way:

Say you want to decide which necklace to wear with this shirt. You can compare three necklaces all at the same time with this shirt, and see which one works best:

Choosing a necklace to go with this shirt

And here’s another way you can use hangers. I have this antique pants hanger (and sometimes I’ve also used it for hanging skirts).

I have no idea how old it is or how long it’s been in my family. I’ve had it as long as I can remember.

It has multiple bars so you can hang a number of different things on it.

This is how I’ve used it to display and store my jewelry at home:

Jewelry on pants hanger

It was originally made to hang 5 pairs of pants – and in stores you can find a variety of modern versions of this hanger.

But if you’re hanging jewelry on it, you can hang necklaces and bracelets over the clips, and you can also hang earrings on the bars.

I find it very helpful to be able to see a selection of my jewelry all at once, so it’s easier to choose the right pieces to go with what I’m wearing.

Now here’s a non-hanger way to store and display your jewelry at home.

A lot of us like to store our jewelry in a dresser drawer.

It’s really easy to open the drawer, see everything you have to choose from, and shut the drawer again.

But unfortunately, sometimes when you store your jewelry in a drawer, the bracelets roll around or get jumbled up – so here’s a way to keep them nice and neat and rounded up:

Bracelets rounded up on cardboard tube

You can use a paper towel tube or gift wrap tube, and cut it to the size you need for your drawer.

Then it makes a handy way to round up all of your cuff bracelets, bangles, and even clasp bracelets.

You can even wrap some rubberized non-skid shelf liner around the tube to help everything stay in place.

Now your bracelets won’t be rolling all around the drawer every time you open and shut it.

I hope you enjoyed these cheap, easy ways to make your jewelry easier to see and find at home so you can choose the best jewelry to go with your outfit.

Thanks for stopping by to have coffee today! I’ll see you soon.

The Jewelry Rena’s Wearing
in This Video:

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena Klingenberg

Earrings: by Rena Klingenberg; from my Rustic Picture Patina Earrings tutorial.

Necklace: by Jen Warren of JJS Jewelry Designs.

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  • cora says:

    Thanks for the great tips, Rena. I have similar multi barred pant hanger that I rarely use for pants. I’ll put hooks on one and try this out. Also, the old paper rolls are great for all kinds of storage.

  • Pascha says:

    I take old sweaters , sheets, and crocheted baby blankets and thumbtack them to a wall inside my closet. Since most of my 400 plus pairs of earrings have the fishhooks, I just hang them up on these by making sure the fishhooks can pierce through. It’s really nice because I can see all my earrings displaying instead of them thrown in jewelry boxes getting smashed. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • MaElena says:

    I sure enjoy all the videos you share with us. You have such a calming effect, your voice and your person. I’ve learned so much from you. I use those plastic (I call them canvas) squares that you do needlework on, to hang my earrings. It makes a wonderful display that is practical and also a conversation piece when people come over. I also like to just have jewelry all around me, so I also hang my earrings on curtains, and on any kind of shelving that has those little bars on them, it makes for easy access and again, a great conversation piece. Thanks for all your sharing, Rena!

  • Carolyn Angus says:

    When my son moved out and got married he left his “hat racks” I bought (strips of wood with knobs on it) for his cap collection. I added a few extra nails/knobs to them and have my necklaces hanging off the “racks” that are hanging on the wall behind the door. I also found an old cd wire rack holder at a thrift store that is great for hanging earrings on!

  • Karen says:

    Thanks Rena ~ Great video! I have 2 wall mounted belt racks with 2 rows of shallow protruding hooks. On one I keep the longer necklaces and shorter pieces on the other. This helps me when I start to decide whether a long or short necklace is best for an outfit, and of course since all the colors are visible, it makes it so much easier. My earrings are hanging on a corner California style shelf on the multiple curved, coated wires and this is just under my necklace area. A drawer holds the rings and post earrings so that all is in view in the same space for coordination.

  • Linda says:

    Great suggestions! Another hanging hook option I fashioned is a wooden, wall-mount thread spool holder. It holds lots of necklaces and/or bracelets in plain view.
    I have one of those standing jewelry armoirs but it is dark cherry wood with dark velvet interiors, so I could never really see all my jewelry…that’s why I moved it out into the open. However, the big drawback is oxidation. All the silver and silver-plated (and silvertone!) pieces are horribly tarnished.
    What is your experience with keeping jewelry out where you can see it but not having it get so tarnished? Does keeping it sealed airtight really help over time?
    Some pieces get so tarnished that a jeweler’s cloth doesn’t cut it. I have to use a liquid tarnish solution, and it seems once you use those, you are forever bound to them…the pieces tarnish much more quickly and easily.
    Are there tips I don’t know about for avoiding & eliminating tarnish from jewelry exposed to the “light of day”?

  • Julia says:

    I use pieces of burlap that I hot glue one endend around pretty cording for earwire earrings that can easily push through. Also made some for gifts!

  • McNierneyLou says:

    I absolutely adore the necklace you are wearing in this video. I have 5 Items lined up I just have to make so far in your last issue #242. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  • I sell my necklaces with matching earrings that are “yours with my compliments”! After they pick themselves up from the floor at the thought of getting something for ‘nothing’, I give them a great hint. When you take off your jewelry, attach the earrings to the necklace and they’ll always be together and ready to wear.

  • Rumy says:

    Hi Linette,
    What a great idea and so simple! Aren’t the simplest ones always the best? I have lost count of the various ways – jewelry stands, chests, boxes and drawers I have tried to keep my jewelry easily accessible and ready to use. So far, because of the numerous pieces I have made or received as presents over the years, alas, the elusive ‘at a glance’ view has remained a pipe dream…
    I am grateful for Rena’s and your suggestions, all of which look very promising. If only I could fine the time to do it now???? Big thanks for all great ideas here. Thank you Rena for never tiring to inspire us.

  • >