Moonstones And Opals

by Twiggy.
(Vancouver WA)

Moonstones And Opals

This piece is made with rainbow moonstone 6mm rounds, black onyx square donuts, amazonite orbs, pink opals in various shapes and sizes, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver findings. It really glows in the right light and the geometrics makes this a fun piece!

This is using a light box I created by putting a frosted piece of glass (it is the top shelf of my computer desk actually!) over a tupperware container and light bulbs placed around the sides depending on where I want the strongest light.

I used a candle and silk grape leaves for background and just arranged the necklace on the frosted glass. I used a digital camera set on the close up setting and 1.1 and used Office Picture Manager to edit the photos which has an auto correct button and is GREAT if you are just learning photography.

I have photos of other pieces on my website using that “photo box” but when I list them on ebay, I include shots on a display bust and of the clasp so customers just good clear pix of what they are getting.

– Twiggy



Fire below
by: Rena

The light box is an interesting effect – it captured the fire in the Swarovski at the end of the necklace’s pendant!

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