Getting Your Friends to Model Your Jewelry

by Alyson Garvey.

Blue quartz and 14k goldfill earrings by Alyson Garvey.

When I began making jewelry several years ago, I never knew it would explode into such an incredible, profitable side-business.

Most of my revenue comes from several yearly craft shows, selling in a few local boutiques, and sending eye-catching postcards to people on my mailing list for each show.

However, nothing seems to work better than friends who wear my jewelry.

Keishi pearl necklace by Alyson Garvey, displayed on a flower and modeled by a friend.

More than anything, I enjoy hearing all the compliments I receive from family and friends who wear my jewelry every day.

Loading them down with business cards they can pass on as well as my email address seems to cause more buzz than anything.

Furthermore, when I began developing my Etsy shop, I put my beautiful girlfriends to work. Wearing my pieces, they were more than happy to pose for pictures.

As a small designer, I “paid” them with my jewelry for their time and effort. A picture of a female at the front of your website tends to draw more attention and keep people looking through the site.

Hand-hammered hoop necklace by Alyson Garvey, displayed on a bed of gemstones and modeled by a friend.

I was blessed that I also knew an amateur photographer friend, Judith Black, who took the pictures of my models at no cost.

The pictures don’t have to be a big production. Some of the most elegant jewelry photos I’ve seen are taken outside in nature, among the elements.

If you’ve become skilled with photographing your jewelry, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a few friends and your jewelry, and traipsing out to a local creek or park to take some fun jewelry photos. If nothing else, you’ll have a great time.

Good luck!

Alyson Garvey
Alyson Garvey Jewelry Designs

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