Mod Podge Necklace Stand

by Kara Rodgerson.
(Mine for the Making)

Plain cardboard necklace stand from the craft store, embellished with scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge


This simple, inexpensive necklace stand was easy to embellish into a fancy jewelry display.


Tearing up the scrapbooking paper


It started out as a plain, cardboard silhouette necklace stand from JoAnn craft store.

Mod Podging the paper to the cardboard stand


But with a little spray paint, some cool scrapbooking paper, and Mod Podge it became a fashionable and unique necklace stand!


Voila! Stylish necklace holder!


See the full project instructions here: Fancy Necklace Stand Tutorial.

Kara Rodgerson
Mine for the Making



Mod Podge Necklace Stand
by: Rena

I love this project, Kara! A wonderful way to customize an existing display element into something that suits your jewelry (and your jewelry business) perfectly.

Thank you so much for sharing this idea with us!
More suggestions
by: Luann Udell

I did the same thing, only I took some black tube socks and sewed a little fabric cover for mine. They came out great!

Just a teensy suggestion–to get your necklace pendants to hang at a more enticing spot on the mannikin, you could either double up the chains; use something for a stand to raise the display a few inches higher; OR use a little push pin in the back to anchor the chains higher in front.

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