Mixed Metal Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

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Mixed Metal Wrap Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Mixed metal wrap bracelet by Rena Klingenberg

Mixed Metal Wrap Bracelet by Rena Klingenberg
This breezy, lightweight bracelet wraps several times around your wrist (or once around your neck as a necklace).

It’s super-easy to make and stylish to wear. And it’s a great project for using up odds and ends of jump rings!


Tape measure.

2 pliers for opening and closing jump rings (flat nose or chain nose).

A stash of jump rings – preferably in different colors or metals, and a variety of sizes. This is what I used:

Jump rings I used for this chain bracelet

A clasp (lobster, hook, toggle, etc.). I used this simple S-hook I made a while ago from a piece of scrap copper wire:

S hook made from copper scrap wire

Quick Tip:

If you don’t know the best way to open and close jump rings, see my super-quick tip here: How to Open and Close a Jump Ring.

Measure Your Wrist:

Note: I made my bracelet 24 inches long, so it would wrap around my wrist 3 times with 3 inches to spare.

However, I think 5 wraps would be better, especially for such an open-work piece.

So I’ll be adding more rings to my bracelet later to make it long enough to wrap 5 times around my wrist.

First, decide how many times you’d like to have your bracelet wrap around your wrist.

Then wrap a tape measure around your wrist that many times.

Look at that measurement, and then add 3 more inches (8 cm) to it.

That’s how long you need to make your bracelet.

How to Make the
Mixed Metal Wrap Bracelet:

I created my bracelet by starting in the middle and building out both sides from there.

So I started with my central jump ring:

Copper jump ring for the center of the wrap bracelet

Then started adding smaller jump rings in random color combinations on the sides:

Adding more jump rings to the mixed metal wrap bracelet

After a length of smaller jump rings, I added another large jump ring on each side:

Adding more big jump rings to the bracelet

I added another length of smaller jump rings to each side, and then added my last two big jump rings – one on each side:

Chain wrap bracelet tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Keep measuring as you work so you’ll know when to stop.

I added a final length of smaller jump rings to each end:

Check the length of your bracelet

Then I added my clasp to one end:

Add your clasp to one end of the bracelet

Here you can see how the clasp fastens (I simply hook it through the last ring on the other end of the bracelet):

Finished bracelet / necklace with clasp fastened

To wear it as a mixed metal wrap bracelet, wind it around your wrist as many times as possible and fasten the clasp.

Mixed Metal Jump Ring Bracelet by Rena Klingenberg

Ideas for Variations:

  • Use a chain maille weave instead of making a single-row chain.
  • Use split rings instead of jump rings.
  • Substitute black rubber washers for some of the rings.
  • Solder the rings after making the bracelet.
  • Go wild with dangles attached to the jump rings.

Mixed Metal Wrap Bracelet or Necklace by Rena Klingenberg

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