Mistakes and Design Detours

by Zoraida.
(Patchogue, New York)

Sometimes mistakes or imperfections in our jewelry creations can become very useful learning experiences. Mistakes along my own jewelry making journey have shown me alternative detours. These often led to an even better design.

The original design

The original design

I now welcome them just to see what creative solution I can come up with. I know that sounds crazy but it works for me.

Here are two examples of jewelry projects that actually turned out better after after I “fixed” the offending mistakes.

The oval pendant started out as a focal for a necklace. It was the beginning of my stamping attempts and had letters vertically down the center. I liked the celestial theme but not the letters. I wasn’t happy with it as a focal either.

The finished pendant

The finished pendant

Later on, I had added a green patina but didn’t like the ways that turned out. Finally, I found a stamped brass oval from a pair of earrings (I lost the other earring) and riveted it onto the original oval to cover up the letters. It worked! I loved the outcome.

The bracelet was originally one sold piece of copper cut to shape. After hammering it all over for texture, it felt too light weight. It needed more substance. I cut and etched a brass oval and riveted it onto the center but the sides felt weak. I then cut off the side sections, cut some rectangular pieces of brass and riveted those to the center piece.

One side of the bracelet with the flat bumps and holes

One side of the bracelet with the flat bumps and holes

My mistakes weren’t over though. I intended to create little bumps along the rim of the center section. I put too much pressure on my hole puncher (from the back of the bracelet) and made a hole instead. I was getting very frustrated at this point! At last I decided to make more holes to make it look like a deliberate pattern.

The other side without the flat bumps - good enough fo rme.

The other side without the flat bumps – good enough fo rme.

After making and attaching a clasp I felt relieved. It’s still not perfect. You can see flattened bumps on one side of the center section but I don’t dare play with it anymore to make it even on the other side. I’m keeping it for myself anyway. It fits my wrist perfectly!

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