Mimi & Me Necklaces

by Sheila Meador.
(North Carolina)

Grandmother & granddaughter necklaces by Sheila Meador  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Child’s artwork

When I walked in the door of my daughter’s home, Princess #2 ran up and proudly showed me her favorite art work from school.

The next day I was still thinking of her patchwork colored dog, and I asked my daughter to send me a snapshot of it.

I made our princess and me (aka Mimi) matching glass-tile necklaces, but I made bead chain for one and strung the other on ball chain. I wanted her to have a choice.

Grandmother & granddaughter necklaces by Sheila Meador  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Two different chains

These were printed by color laser printer and adhered to the 1″ tiles with adhesive lacquer.

I backed the photo with cheerful small print scrapbook paper. A dab of E6000 glued the bail to the back. Mimi will wear hers proudly, too!

Sheila Meador

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  • What a cool way to preserve and use a child’s artwork, Sheila! And the multi-colored patchwork dog is a good choice for this project – it has great colors for creating the matching bead chain. Also I especially like your idea of making two, so you each have one – I’m sure she loves having a matching necklace with you. Did your granddaughter choose the bead chain or the ball chain?

  • Sheila says:

    Yes, she chose the colorful bead chain for her own. By the way, her mom (my daughter) saw the finished necklace and wanted one, so I gave her mine. I’ll make yet another one of the patchwork dog for me!

  • Diana G says:

    This is just a brilliant idea, with wonderful results! Thank you for sharing.

  • Colleen says:

    What a great way to keep a treasured picture from a grand child!! Great work.

  • JanMarie says:

    This is wonderfully sweet and brilliant! But where did you get the clear tiles? Are they glass or Lucite or …?

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