Metal Detecting Momento

by Joan.
(Southern California)

My daughter, Laurie and I love to metal detect. My jewelry and metal detecting started about the same time. When we go detecting, which I love to do, I also look for interesting stones, metal pcs., wood, shells that I eventually can use in jewelry. Always have been a “pretty” stone collector, and it’s passed down to my daughters BIG time.

Joan: Metal Detecting Momento

On our first trip out we were getting tired and decided to leave the area. I wanted one last “look” to check the surf line. I heard a strong sound and dug. I found a flat sand filled piece of metal (and liked it), my daughter said to throw it away, it was trash. Nope! that’s not my nature. I keep everything interesting (to me).

I tossed it into my “keep for someday” drawer. A week later I decided to make something using it. I had my husband shut his eyes, and it took him a moment, and when he realized what it was, he couldn’t believe it. My daughter commented on my necklace and said, “no way!”, “can’t believe it”, etc. etc.

I wear it whenever I metal detect and sell at the Poway craft sales. In the 4 years since I made it, I’ve only had 3 people guess what it was. Well here’s a pic. of it. I’ve since made a few changes (more experienced now). it still looks rustic and hopefully a little beachy. nothing fancy.

If you’re wondering what it “was”. I found it in the area of fire pits. it’s a crushed old doorknob that must have been on an old wooden door that was used for fire wood. I love it. thought you might find it interesting.


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