Mermaids Magic

by Kathy McChesney.
(Hagaman, New York USA)

Mermaids Magic

Mermaids Magic

This fantasy necklace is embellished with seed beads around an Ammonite Fossil, a Shark tooth and a piece of Gold stone.

Added to the bottom are an array of seed beads, glass beads, stones and trinkets.

As an added bonus there is a set of earrings to match.

This is a one of a kind heirloom.

Kathy McChesney
Dream Beadery at Etsy


Dream Beadery indeed!
by: Rena

Kathy, your jewelry business is very well named!

The design and colors in this piece are simply fabulous.

And the matching earrings are perfect for the necklace.

Love how the design revolves around the ammonite fossil.

Thank you so much for posting this stunning jewelry set here.

The elements
by: Kathy

Thank you for the encouragement. I love creating with earth elements. I never really knew how this piece was going to come out until it was done.Just work with what you have and it always comes out unique.
Thank you!

I have a real live Mermaid!
by: Liz

Stunning! Magnificent piece, I call my daughter a Mermaid and lot Mermaids, because she’s in a wheelchair, but she swims like a mermaid!

A Unique Gift
by: Anonymous

Thank You Liz. All Mermaids are unique and that is quite a gift to us.

mermaid magic
by: nickie

is that a real mermaid magic necklace

Mermaid Magic
by: Kathy


This is what I imagine a mermaid might wear.Or someone who holds the ocean close to their heart.

Blessings Kathy

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