Men’s Stainless Steel Medicine Bag

by Jan C Aynes.
(Phoenix, Arizona USA)

JAynes: Men's Stainless Steel Medicine Bag 1

This is a 30″ long strap of stainless steel roundmaille transitioned to european 3 in 1 weave with a square flap and cold connections for godseye and lemon quartz.

There are raccoon claws with sterling silver accents. This took 84 hours of work to complete. The bag is large enough to hold a computer mouse.

Jan C Aynes

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  • Awesome work Jan, I love the look and feel of chain mail.

  • Jan C Aynes says:

    Thanks, Franklin!

  • I agree with Franklin – awesome work! Your meticulous artistry paid off in this beautiful piece, Jan. Also cool that it’s an ancient-feeling bag with a modern use (computer mouse).

  • zoraida says:

    I love chainmaille and what you’ve created with it. It looks ancient, which is a good thing to me. Beautiful work!

  • Lynda says:

    Huge admiration for your artistry in chainmaille! This has the look of a museum piece.

  • Jan C Aynes says:

    Thank you Rena, zoraida and Lynda! I appreciate the feedback!

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