Meet Pricilla

by JoAnne Green.
(Marion, AL)

Pricilla with Turquoise Set

I bought Pricilla, a well used dressmaker mannequin, for $15 from a fellow sales booth owner. I wanted an eye catcher.

Pricella’s body is covered with a stretch knit turtleneck and her neck with a piece of taffeta. She is dressed in discount and resale stores.

Her outfit is changed monthly and/or seasonally.

Her necklace is changed weekly.

Since she joined my sales force, 8 months ago, Pricilla has sold 4 necklace sets.

Although she is more suitable for a static display than for craft shows, she does help sell.

She is joined by 2 half torsos, Patricia and Penelope, that I got on an eBay sale for $5 each (including shipping). They have not been as sucessful. And may retire or change display position.

JoAnne Green


How lovely to be introduced to Pricilla!
by: Rena

It sounds like Pricilla has been a wonderful spokes-model, in addition to having a good sense of fashion.

Perhaps Patricia and Penelope are too busy playing in the jewelry to do their jobs properly? :o)

Pricilla may need to give them some training.

Thanks so much for sharing this great, eye-catching necklace display idea, JoAnne!

We’re on to something here!
by: Luann Udell

I bought a 1950’s dressmaker mannikin at an antiques/junk shop last summer. She was in perfect condition. She wasn’t very expensive, and she came already covered with a brown tweedy knit that works perfectly with all my jewelry.

The stand comes off for easier transport, and she has a small “footprint” in my booth and studio.

I LOVE her, my customers really enjoyed her, and she added a certain “human touch” to my display. I’m delighted to see yours!

Mine’s called Mandy
by: Jennifer Daggs

I picked up a metal dress form at my local TJ Maxx last year. She was sold as a home decor piece so she is not full sized. Her body is made up of metal cut out paisley like shapes that are welded together. My lovely hubby made a base for her that can be removed for transport. It brings her up to standing height and like Luann said, she has a small footprint in my booth. I put her out near the front of the booth and she really does stop people and bring them into the booth. So far she has sold one piece right off her back. Of course, I’ve also had people ask me if she’s for sale!

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