Maximum Jewelry Design

by Manuela Tufano.
(East Stroudsburg, PA)

Maximum Jewelry Design business cards

The original business cards I had made at an office supply store – very generic.

I wanted to design my own and make it an extension of me.

I have been a graphic designer for many years for others but creating my own business card has been very difficult.

I want it to be short and sweet – not crowded, but full of information. I do want a picture, but I cannot decide which to choose.

It sounds like I am asking a lot, but I often leave business cards where people can see them without me being there and the card needs to say a lot.

This is what I have designed so far.

I’d love to have some opinions on it.


Manuela Tufano
Maximum Jewelry Design


Business Card
by: Heather DeV.

I that is what is on your homepage, I think it is terrific! Looks like purple is your signature color and it is easy-to-read and appealing. So proud of you – this is great!

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