Matching Jewelry to People

by Rena Klingenberg.

Matching Jewelry to People, by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

Have you ever noticed that a particular style of jewelry may look fabulous on one person – but not on someone else?

Here’s a style concept that may explain this phenomenon:

“Wear Items That
Repeat Your Natural Characteristics”

Note:   Although this concept applies to everything you might wear (clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.) – we’ll discuss only the jewelry aspect of it here.

According to this concept, when you wear jewelry that repeats your natural characteristics, there is a pleasing visual connection between you and the jewelry item.

So the jewelry looks like it absolutely belongs on you – and it enhances your overall appearance.

Here are some examples:

  • Repeat your face shape, or the shapes of your facial features:

    People with an oval face shape might look best in oval jewelry shapes.

    Meanwhile, people with a square face shape might look best in square jewelry shapes.

    And people with diagonal shapes in their facial shape or features might look best in jewelry with diagonal lines. And so on.

  • Repeat your skin / hair texture:

    People with more textured skin and hair might look best in textured jewelry, patina pieces, rustic designs, etc.

    Meanwhile, people with smooth or shiny skin and hair might look best in smooth shiny metal, glass, etc.

  • Repeat your natural level of contrast:

    People with a strong light-to-dark contrast between their hair, eyes, and skin might look best in jewelry that adds a strong light-to-dark contrast to the overall outfit.

    Meanwhile, people with a minimal light-to-dark contrast between their hair, eyes, and skin might look best in jewelry that adds a minimal light-to-dark contrast to the overall outfit.

  • Repeat your personality:

    Quirky people might look and feel more natural in quirky jewelry.

    Bold people might look and feel more natural in bold jewelry.

    And so on.

  • Repeat your natural level of symmetry / asymmetry:

    People with very symmetrical features might look better in symmetrical jewelry.

    People with more asymmetrical features (like me) might look better in asymmetrical jewelry.

These are just a few examples.

There are lots of other physical and personality characteristics you could use in matching jewelry to people.

Possibilities for Jewelry Artists

Matching jewelry to people’s natural characteristics could be a helpful design tool.

It could provide insight for creating the best custom jewelry for people.

It could also make it easier to guide clients to the jewelry that will be the most flattering on them – or on the people they’re shopping for.

What Do You Think About Matching
Jewelry to People’s Characteristics?

I’d love to hear what you think about this concept – and whether you’d use it in designing or selling jewelry!

Older Comments:

Pam says:

What a great article, and so true!

Sandy Kane says:

Great food for thought, Rena! I will definitely keep your post in mind when a customer asks ‘what do you think of this shape/color on me?’ … instead of just shrugging – or trying to convince them it’s the perfect match for them – I can actually put some thought into my comments!

Cathy Stewart says:

Yes, I try to match peoples color choices and styles when I make their jewelry. So far I have gotten it right most every time. Very enjoyable to make something that the people really like and it goes with their style and clothing.
I have used scarves to help people figure out what colors are great for them.

Kate says:

Mmm, yes it’s true. While reading this I thought of two people who fit the criteria perfectly. Now I’ll take more notice of the differences in clients.
Thanks for this article, I enjoyed it.

Kathy Szmolke says:

I never would have thought of doing this, but it really makes sense to match the jewelry to a person’s personality. That’s what we do for ourselves, so it works both ways, doesn’t it? This will be extremely helpful for selling to our customers! Thank you, Rena!

Arriel Goodwin says:

Rena – this is certainly a great tip! When I interact with people at work and at craft shows, it helps to always play up the customer’s best assets like their skin tone, eyes, hair, etc. I never really thought of emphasizing this factor when it comes to my jewelry but will definitely be using this selling tip from now on – thank you!

Stephanie Jordan says:

Hi, I like that you gave me a different angle on helping potential customer choose jewelry. This seems easier than figuring out face shape. Sound much more fun. thanks

Kat says:

Rena – this is so true. The inspiration behind my launch into creating jewelry came from the frustration of never finding what I am looking for. I have always tried to match a gift of jewelry with the personality and characteristics of the person. I plan to use this tool as I work toward the next level of selling my creations!

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