Market Your Jewelry Through Beading Magazines

by Kate Purdy.
(Southern California USA)


Why not try marketing your handmade jewelry through the ever increasing number of beading magazines on the newsstands? It may be easier than you think. I have had several designs featured in different beading magazines over the years. Here’s how I got started:

I looked through the magazine I was submitting to to see what kinds of projects they featured. I then picked from designs I had done that I felt fit their format and style. I took really good quality photos on a simple neutral colored background and emailed them to the editor of the magazine. That’s it!

Tips for success:

1. Be original. Magazines are always looking for fresh and innovative new designs.

2. Keep it simple. Most of the magazines projects are for beginner and intermediate beaders so your project needs to be easy to make.

3. Make it accessible. The supplies and components you used should be readily available if someone wants to make a piece exactly like the one you submitted. You will need to give your supply sources.

4. Take great photos. A bad photo of a beautiful piece will probably not be accepted. Take the time to find out what works best for you when you photograph your jewelry. I use natural light and a Cloud Dome and get great results.

It’s always exciting to see one of your creations in print. And, it’s a great way to drive traffic to your website or Etsy store. Why not give it a try?

Kate Purdy
Island Bangles Handcrafted Jewelry

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