Making Paper Beads – What’s the Best, Easiest Glazing Process?

by Joybelle.
(Atlanta, GA)

Making Paper Beads - What's the Best, Easiest Glazing Process?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I don’t have a piece to share, but lately I have been rolling tons of paper beads.

I am loving rolling beads using 5+ strips because of the thickness of the beads.

What I have discovered about myself is that I absolutely detest the glazing process especially with the quantity that I have already rolled 🙁

I wanted to share my bead rolling venture and ask if anyone has had positive, lasting results with spraying a glaze vs. dipping?

I would appreciate your suggestions/comments.

Thank you!

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  • Hi Joybelle! Judikins Diamond Glaze is one product I’ve seen used for paper beads. It gives a shiny finish. I’d love to see what you’re doing with your paper beads! 🙂

  • Jaye Kiblinger says:

    By far, the best paper bead glaze on the market!!! I’ve been using this for about 5 years and the first beads I ever dipped with this look as good as the ones I’ve done recently!!! And this product makes them “water resistant”. My method is to string the paper beads onto fishing line, dip them three times, waiting for them to completely dry in between each dip. After each dip/drying cycle, separate the beads as they will stick together a little. A slight sandpapering may be needed after all the dipping/drying is done, just to smooth out around the holes.

  • joybelle says:

    Thank you Rena and Jaye for your responses. I find Vibrance to expensive (for my budget…) and I actually have some Diamond Glaze. Polyurethane is applicable BUT the odor is overwhelming and lingers for days. I suggest if using it that it is done outside.

  • judy anderson says:

    I put the beads on toothpicks stuck in a styro foam block Take it outside and spray with clear acrylic.

  • Elayne says:

    I use coats of white glues, sometimes Mod Podge and then Triple Thick Glaze from MIchaels. Buy it with a coupon! Don’t buy the tub, by the lotion type container.

  • Kim Atkins says:

    I have airbrushed glaze onto them. An airbrush is expensive but gives a brilliant finish. Just to take care to clean it properly after use

  • I use ModPodge for the 1st coat. If I want to add some sparkle, then I will use glitter nail polish for the 2nd coat and Vibrance for the 3d and final coat. Yes, Vibrance is expensive, but if you pour a little into a small container, it will go a long way. Would recommend doing the glazing in batches otherwise it will be overwhelming. Store the beads in plastic containers with those little desiccant (sp?) bags that are in vitamins and such to take care of any moisture. The finished beads may stick a bit, but a gentle rolling motion will usually separate the beads. Good luck!

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