Making Large Jewelry Tags Fun and Eye Catching

by Delia Stone.

These green leaf tags are large enough to hold all the information the gallery requires on the back – but they’re charming instead of clunky.

A gallery that sells my jewelry recently asked all of the 2D artists to change their tagging system to add more information.

The tag had to be large enough to include

* my full name

* my inventory code

* the materials

* the price

* the ring size.

I was just getting ready to put some rings in the gallery and found myself thinking that this was going to be problematic for me. I could not imagine how I could add a tag big enough for all of THAT to a ring without it looking . . . just . . . tacky.

Closeup of wire ring mounted on leaf-shaped jewelry tag

I had to put some thought into it and I am glad to say that in the end I manged to find a solution that made for a charming presentation.

Beautiful little leaf tags!

All of the required information fits perfectly on the back side of the leaf.

Customers can still try on the ring without having to worry about tearing the tag because it is quality cardstock.

The leaf jewelry tags in a larger size, used as earring cards.

The jewelers in this gallery also share earring racks and I have to say that once I put up a couple of my earrings they totally dominated the racks visually.

All of the other jewelers’ cards are muted colors or the standard black earring card. My earring cards are fun and eye catching.

I retagged half of my stuff in the gallery yesterday and when I stepped back to take it all in I just loved how they drew the eye right to my work. I’m so glad I was forced to redo my tags. 🙂

Using one of the larger leaves as a brooch card.

I just love the look of the leaf tags . . . and now I’m changing all of my other tags out to match – even changing my earring cards out to match!

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Jewelry Display Cards
by: Rena

What an awesome solution, Delia! I love how you took the problem of large tags and turned it into these charming, eye catching jewelry display cards!

They really enhance the experience of looking at your jewelry, and I’m sure they pull your jewelry line together visually against all of the other items in the gallery.

Simply beautiful – and I bet the gallery loves them.

Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic idea here!

leaf tags
by: Anonymous

Love your idea!

Thank you!
by: Delia Stone

Thank You Rena. I have to admit at first I was a little frustrated when they dropped the new tagging policy on us but in the end I was glad that I was forced to rethink my tags. 🙂
Leaf Tag
by: Dita

They are beautiful and very original. I love your jewelry too. Thanks for sharing.- Dita

Looks Great
by: Manuela Tufano

What a wonderful and fresh idea!
by: Meenu

What a wonderful idea… and amazed how me and you think alike…
For my last jewelry exhibit in Aug 2010, I did my display in fall colors to match up the coming season and now was thinking of redoing them in pink hearts for Valentine’s.

Cool work.

by: Virginie Rolland

Delia, your idea is awesome and your tags look great. But your jewelry is so beautiful, I am sure it was already standing out anyway!

These are really cool!
by: Kathy

Delia, you’re so clever! These are great! But they look like a lot of work. Do you cut them out by hand?

by: Anonymous

i really love this idea and i am going to try it myself

The secret … SCRAP BOOKING!
by: Delia Stone

Thank you for all the kind comments everyone. These are actually die cuts for scrap booking. You can make your own with a small investment, or buy precut cardstock from a supplier. There are just tons of suppliers on Etsy. From paper hearts to leaves to starbursts …. you name it. You’ll find a wide variety! Check it out, do some seraching, check out the scrap booking section in your local craft supplier.

Great Idea
by: Bonnie

That is such a clever idea. They look fabulous!!!

by: Melanie at Body & Soul Jewelry

Oh my! What a fabulous idea! I’ve been struggling with my tags for a while now and this is the perfect solution. THANK YOU!


brilliant idea
by: Helenka

Just saw your post with the images. What a brilliant idea. It looks really nice and you can create all sorts of different forms in different colours

Can’t find them!
by: Nancy

I love the idea of die cut leaves for earring cards but could not find them on Etsy. Can you tell me where you got them from?

by: Anonymous

What a cool idea! Mine are on cut out yellow Stars which allows the same info input! I love the leaves.

Very Creative!
by: Fussypots on Etsy

Love the tags….those of us who sell jewelry need to keep thinking “outside the box” Very easy/cute solution.

stunning and fresh
by: Tanya

I think they look amazing. I know here in Toronto it would be nice to see a burst of spring green. I, along with many others on etsy make tags of all shapes and sizes….a sizzlx machine with a few die cutters isn’t alot and is useful for so much. I bought one for my store and now hav’nt bought a store made card in ages. I think your leaves are stunning.

Love it!!!
by: Andis Accessories

I love this idea! I am going to snoop through my daughter’s scrapbook punches for ideas! Beautiful!

Thank You
by: Delia Stone

Thanks everyone for the great comments. I am surprised to find that this has been such a popular article.

I am thinking about beginning to make these little leaves available for sale soon if there is enough interest, and it’s looking like there is. I will post a link when I am ready to make them available to the public.

Thanks for your interest!

Leaf Tags
by: Shelley Johns

Love this !!!!!!!!

by: Mary Ferlauto

I love your idea!!! The owner of the store where I do jewelry repair is giving me a party and something like this will be perfect. You got the wheels in my head spinning. Thank you.

great idea !
by: sara

this is a great idea. one of the stores where i consign my jewelry just asked for a new presentation of product i.d.. your idea is both functional & fashionable!

What a great idea!
by: Heather

What a great idea! I have been wanting to do something with my yellow flower logo! Thanks!

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