Making 3000 Sales (or More) on Etsy

by Rita Juhlin.

Double blue quartz pendant wrapped in 14k goldfill wire, by Rita Juhlin

Double blue quartz pendant wrapped in 14k goldfill wire, by Rita Juhlin

What does it take to make 3000 sales (or more) on Etsy?

My mind works in the “Why?” zone.

One question keeps coming up here in Rena’s website is “why isn’t my jewelry selling?”

Let us forget that there are a bazillion sites selling jewelry and forget that the economy is in a twitter.

In my “why” zone I set out to investigate and research to see if there were some reasonable answers to this continuing question.

I hope you readers will comment on this and offer your thoughts too. Believe me, I don’t have all the answers!

First I googled “Successful jewelry stores on Etsy” and came up with some helpful and basic information from several that all said much the same.

This has been said before but we all need reminding.

In summary I found:

The Basics of Successful
Jewelry Stores on Etsy

1. Make your photos near perfect.

2. Mingle with others who are in the same area of business and with positive ideas and want to share their successes, learn something new about selling and marketing everyday (everyday if you are serious about your work). Stay motivated and energized.

3. Have a range of prices to offer to a range of buyers.

4. Post feedback about your products on your store; it gives credibility.

5. Continually open your mind to tips and ideas that you may not be using. The sellers I looked at were part of an Etsy Team really working for success with each other.

6. Set goals for sales, first 50 the first year, then 100 then 400.

7. Do not undercut others in hope of making a sale.

The Super-Successful Etsy Stores

Then I dug into the successful Etsy stores which equate to 3000 sales or more, ya I know, in my dreams, but it is in black and white.

These stores were not started at the beginning of time – the stores were listed within the last couple of years and many of the sales were what I consider current within the last 3 to 6 months.

Ok, here is what I found:

What Etsy Stores
with 3000+ Sales Do

1. Near perfect pictures, for sure.

2. Great communications (with emphasis) to potential buyers:

  • Getting personal.
  • Superior explanations and descriptions, not flowery, best on the web.
  • Not “one of a kind”; instead, “limited” is being used.
  • Offering variations of the same thing, size, color, different metals. These successful sellers were asking what their buyers really wanted, frankly I was very impressed.
  • Encouraging potential buyers to email for their specifics.
  • The sellers acknowledged time frames for production and shipping as well as anything else a buyer might want.
  • The sellers really catered to the potential buyer.

3. Price ranges from $10.00 to $95.00 within each store.

4. Simple jewelry designs, quality workmanship, inexpensive but quality materials, eye catching website and store designs. (What I mean by inexpensive materials would be 3″ of sterling and 2 quality 6mm or 7mm pearls for $20; or up to seven 3.5mm to 4mm true gemstones and gold-filled metal for $35 to $40.)

5. Surprisingly to me there wasn’t much variety in jewelry design in these stores; it was just a few good designs that sold very well, over and over.

In conclusion:

I don’t have an Etsy shop. I’ve thought about it but preferred my own site, and after doing this research it might not be a bad idea.

I truly believe that if we want sales we need to really dig in and do the research to find out what works.

Do your homework before you jump in, get as much information as you can get, participate and get to know others in your chosen niche, again, if you are serious.

I learned a long time ago:

People spend money on what is important to them.
It has nothing to do with what they can afford.
That is one reason credit card balances are in the billions.

We simply have to stand out to get those people to spend their dollars with us.

So, don’t give up – success is in your future if it isn’t there yet!

Just work harder, becoming excellent in all that you do; it is a never-ending thing we should all do.

“When ‘Why’ becomes the ‘What'” means get pro-active, or do what you have to do and then be sure you DO IT!

I’ve been successful in my life as well as fortunate in many ways and I’m not talking about money, but I’ve always worked smart and I’ve never ever given up. I have always strived to learn something new everyday and get better at what I do best.

Please share your comments!

My best to all \o/

Rita Juhlin
Home Based Jeweler’s Showcase
Private Stock Jewelry blog


Thank you Rita!
by: Rena

I really appreciate your sharing your great research.

Especially your insights into what the uber-successful 3000+ sellers do as far as their product lines and communications.

I noticed that they work toward perfecting the art of “finding out what their customers want to buy, and then providing it for them”!

As you mentioned, Rita, customer research is a huge factor in success.

An eye-opener, and lots of food for thought.

Thank you so much for posting this here!

Thank you Rita and Rena!
by: Paula

Wow, great information Rita! I do sell on Etsy as well as my website but not as much as I would like to. This is really good information especially regarding reaching out to your customers and making a personal connection. Very good, positive tips for all of us!!!

Selling on Etsy
by: Amber LeRoux

I have found it helps to be very accurate and descriptive in tagging your items. Also, make sure to use all fourteen of your tagging spots.

Thank you
by: Willow

I would like to add that many of the most successful shops on etsy add new products regularly, carry more than 100 items in their shop and have a cohesive product line, in keeping with the branding of their business.

Thank you for posting this informative article!

Simply Willow

Oh how i’d love some sales….
by: Miss Ladysmith

Hi there
Rena i read your website with enthusiasm every month – so many great tips, many of which i have made use of..
I was excited to read this – but it left me so confused – as i spent a long time researching before i began my etsy and solo website – according to the lists i am doing all the right things.. and yet i have hardly sold a thing this year.

I put it down to it being January, post christmas money issues – but then a week ago i started looking into some of the other sellers on etsy, the ones that are in the thousands that i had already found, and looked at all the pointers that i thought were important – very much what is stated above, and they were selling an average of 5-8 pieces a day, everyday, since boxing day!!

I have i think implemented all of the above – except for the forums, which i’ve found hard to break into – as i am in the UK, so time zone difference means i am often online at different times of the day, and by the time i have finished making, taking photographs, uploading them, writing descriptions – i need to just recover a bit – it takes so long, i love it, but the lack of sales is inevitably leaving me feeling a little flat.

I also read somewhere that a stock level less than 30 was considered to be very bad on etsy – and if you can get your stock to around at least 100 – then your sales will increase. So that is my current strategy – after todays uploads i’ll be at 44 – so still a long way to go….

I just wish for a few sales to help me to believe that i am not wasting all my time, huge amounts of money and all my energy – although, i cant imagine doing anything else – i love creating a new piece everyday, working with the tools – and being surrounded by such beautiful bits n bobs…

but thank you for this website – a constant source of inspiration and a land of ideas.

Miss Ladysmith

Extremely Useful
by: Anonymous

Rita, this article is extremely useful to potential sellers who want to sell on Etsy and other sites too. It would be even more helpful if you could have given urls or usernames for the etsy sellers you thought were really good, so that we can see what ‘near perfect’ photos and ‘best on the web’ descriptions looked like.
Well done for producing this report 🙂

Making 3000 or more on ETSY!
by: Designs by Love

This was a well thought out process and done so unselfishly! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you and I’m putting these treasures into practice today.
God bless you for the info!

Great Article
by: Corinne

Thank you Rita for taking the time and making the effort to do this research. I have recently opened my Etsy shop and was wondering the same thing. You have saved me time and provided us all with some fabulous insight. Thank you.
I would also like to give a shout out to Rena for providing a wonderful website where we can all learn and share our experiences on a regular basis.

Great Starting Point
by: Summer Raven

Thank you, you have pointed out some very great starting points to consider when selling on etsy. When I first started, my pictures were the best I could do, but not great. I spent the time to change them all out and did notice a lot more attention and sales to my site. I have tried the etsy street teams, but and I just cannot seem to find the time and/or motivation to keep up with it! With keeping full inventory, photos, descriptions, blogging etc… I just don’t have the time for much extra. Also I am wondering if the people who are selling so much on etsy also do art shows, street fairs and other in-person sales. Because I do and when I sell in person I have to remove it from etsy without it giving me credit for a sale…so maybe these gals just put all their eggs in one basket!

Etsy Sales
by: Michelle Buettner

This was a very good article! Thanks for sharing all this info. I too have had my own website for some time and everyone kept telling me to ‘sell on Etsy’. So, this fall I cancelled my shopping cart, kept my main web pages and set up shop on Etsy. I have only one sale so far, and my pics could really use some spucing up, but I believe that between this information you’ve shared and all the info that Rena gives out here on her website(s) and in her e-books with social networking, etc. that the sales will come!
Thanks again for a very helpful and informative article.

Michelle Buettner, Graduate Pearls Diploma(GIA)
MiShel Designs

Thank you Rita
by: Madelline

Thanks for your advices. Etsy is a very competed market and there are many talented people selling his products. I appreciate his advices and I will try to put them into practice.

At present I have in Etsy 2 shops.

In I sell Real Sea Glass from Puerto Rico and Sea Glass Jewelry and I begin another shop:

There Is Real Sea Glass in Bulk and Natural Beach Stone from Puerto Rico.

In my 2 shops I offer Sea glass for other artist some drilled and ready for a beautiful creations.


Thank you!
by: Amy

Thank you Rita for a great article (thank you Rena for a great newsletter!). And thank you to all the commentors who also provided great pearls (no pun intended) of wisdom!

I made a sale yesterday – my fourth in two years! But I will practice all the advice given on this article to grow my Etsy business!

Also – I will add that I agree that adding things regularly helps. I added the Google Analytics and I noticed that visits to my shop increase sharply on the days I add new items.

A Must For Jewelry Sellers
by: cottagecharms

Your Etsy shop could be set up beautifully with all the great info you gave but outside and online promotion is a must. You cannot count on buyers finding your site among the many jewelry sellers on a consistent basis. If you promote in person (wear your jewelry to work, jewelry parties etc.) more people will start to visit your site. It takes time and persistence.

Facebook fan page
by: Miss Ladysmith

Just a little addition – last month i set up a facebook fan page – i’ve got nearly 150 fans already – at least half of them i dont know, its been a great way to spread the word – and you can upload a great etsy tool – so your fan page is literally the same as your shop front page – each item has a direct link to your etsy shop – makes it very easy for people to look at your work.

Also, i have made pieces to friends who work with people that are my target audience etc,… another great way to promote – as i can only be in one place at a time – some of my business friends have been carrying my cards around also and that has generated a lot of interest.

But i cant recommend the facebook fan page enough!
Feel free to have look at mine…
not the nicest url – but i tend to tell folk to just search for miss ladysmith – however the beauty of it is that if you write a daily update you appear on peoples home page, and then their friends see it and click, and it seems to grow from there!

Great article…
by: Ann Nolen

Rita, Great article, thank you so much for sharing! I saw some important information that I have learned selling at shows, but didn’t think to incorporate into my website or Etsy. Another artist shared with me recently that when she does a show, she puts her Etsy shop on “vacation mode” for the weekend so she doesn’t have something sell that is out of stock. She says that people hurry back to look at her site after, and her customers appreciate she has thought of this.
Thanks VERY much for noticing the use of “Limited” instead of one of a kind. I make maybe 3-5 of each item I make, so that solves my issue on how to present that correctly…


Just planting seeds for you to harvest
by: Rita Juhlin

I just want to help a little, because it is not easy to sell on the web. If you sell any jewelry the first year you should be delighted. It can take a year just to get a fair place on a search engine.

Being the best you can be is really important. Trying to keep up with all the blogs, twitter, websites, etc. can be overwhelming so get one thing going well, first and then “grow” to the next. It’s no different than what Rena is doing, just look at how her sites have improved and they were very well done in the beginning! Doing one thing really good is so much better than doing many things poorly; that goes for your jewelry making skills too!

I’m pleased to see the comments and suggestions! I am curious why a seller should need a hundred different listings. (Seems like the host is raking it in on that.) Don’t forget that what I observed is many of the successful sellers had two or three items that sold really well, over and over and over again.

My best to all !!


payment method
by: Anonymous

was any research done regarding payment? Credit card, paypal, etc. I take paypay which is 99% of my sales but wonder if taking a credit card would increase sales.

Facebook Link
by: Sharleen

How do you add an Etsy link to your Facebook page? Through Facebook or through Etsy?

by: Vicki

Im still in the process of putting together my jewellery website and have looked into Etsy, but not in great depth. I have to be honest, most feedback i have seen tends to be negative with the number of sales that designers are making from Etsy, however, once I have my own website up and running, I may look into this again and put those points you raised into practice – thank you.

One thing i will say, I completely agree with Miss Ladysmith, I have a friend who is a hairdresser and she is the perfect model for my jewellery, because she will wear it when shes working, her clients comment and then she sells me aswell as the jewellery to them, because she doesnt stop talking, but she has endless enthusiasm!! As well as that and family and friends, any other sales have come through actually wearing it when Im out and about shopping or whatever and it tends to be when Im looking in jewellery sections of big department stores, I can only put this down to being because people are already looking for jewellery and are therefore more receptive to what others are wearing around them…..

Also, thank you Rena and everyone else, I love this website, cos it lifts my spirits and inspires me when I feel stuck in a rut….I also think the enthusiasm and energy comes across when you are selling yourself/jewellery and people pick up on a nice positive vibe and act on it. I can only speak from experience, but when im not feeling very enthusiastic, I sell nothing – zero, but once i pick myself up its almost like its catching and then once you make one sale, you get more enthusiastic and feel proud of yourself and it seems to have a knock on effect…. Sorry Im just waffling now, its Friday afternoon and im bored at work in my day job lol…

by: Janice

We have web sites for our two lines of jewelry (Something For Everyone Jewelry and Beads in a Box) but I have put us on Etsy — you brought up some good ideas that I will go back and try — thanks!

Thank You Rita
by: Christina Miles

Thank you Rita for the time you spent to share this information with us. I definitely have learned something from you. I know I havent put enough time and effort into my Etsy store and this is exactly what I need to focus on. One thing I did learn to do is to not put all of my items up on Etsy at the same time. Spread it out over a week or two. When you upload your items, you see them instantly on that one page where you can view all of the newly added items. This way your items will be spread out and you will get more hits (hopefully)….


update – how to set up link to Facebook
by: Ann Nolen

Wanted to answer Sharleens comment. There is a link of Etsy (My Etsy page) that sets up the link to Facebook. I had to figure that out, but the directions were clear and I set it up in just a couple minutes.
Thanks again Rita. I went to my Etsy shop and did some “redecorating” including making a new banner to post. I think the more exposure I get, the word of mouth will just keep adding up. I recently sold something on Etsy, and the person would never have known of me otherwise.


Etsy Sales
by: Tricia – Bead Booty

Thanks for all the great info. Rita…those are some fabulous tips.

by: Janine G,

Thanks for these awesome ideas and to all the comments too!
I have only a few items on ETSY and am just glad to get out some on there, I work a whole bunch plus baby=not time for much!! But I update my website and try to blog and update my fanpage on facebook as much as possible. I am not happy with my photography but am working on it soon.
jmg designs-facebook

Try a sales analysis for your own shop
by: Lisa W.

Great article to inspire discussion and start us thinking!

You are so right about the price range, I think. I did an analysis of my own Etsy sales. I made a chart of prices $50 apart, and made tick marks to indicate the prices of sold items. I see that although I have offerings from $15 – $250, my sales are very much concentrated in the $25 – $75 range. I also wondered how my sales correlated with the types of jewelry I offered in my Etsy store. I listed how many bracelets, rings, etc, I list in my store, then ticked off how many in each category were sold. It turned out I sold more neckwear than anything else,and sold jewelry in exact proportion to what I offered, except for bracelets. I sold bracelets more frequently than expected based on my offerings.

This analysis was kind of fun to do, and didn’t take long. Based on this, I am designing more pendants and bracelets in the $35-$65 range, to help cater to what my customers seem to want.

I want to recommend this concept to all of you. Make a couple of sales charts and see what you can learn. What changes will you make based on what you find?

You can see more details on Try a Jewelry Sales Analysis for Your Website or Etsy Shop.

I love it !!!
by: Rita Juhlin

Lisa W. You just gave me a great big smile \o/

by: Smitherine

Very positive and inspiring tone in this article. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and optimism!
Smitherine Designs

Emphasis on photos
by: Sue Runyon/Sue Runyon Designs

Rita, thanks for this article. You are so right to stress the importance of great photos. It’s the hardest part of selling jewelry on-line and the one that brings the most increase in sales. I have a long way to go, but every increase in the quality of my photos has brought more sales.

Thanks again,
Sue Runyon

Etsy Is labor intensive
by: Anonymous

I am currently selling my new jewelry line on Etsy and am finding it very labor intensive. The time it takes to produce 5 great photographs for each item and then write the listings seems to eat up much of my potential profit. All online selling requires great photos but etsy is so very competitive in this area in that the photos also need to be artsy to get attention. I have been open 9 days and have sold 2 items. Sound like a great start? Maybe, compared to the thousands of others who report no sales after YEARS! I listed 12 items and after 9 days I have, at most, 12 views. The average is 5 views. I re-listed two items after four or five days to get them back to the top and this brought me 2 more views for 40 cents. Yipee! Within minutes (or seconds) the items were on page 19 where they would never be noticed. There may be a handful of folks making it on etsy, but for most of us, it is pocket change at best. The site is set up to encourage sellers to relist items daily so that the cost of advertising will in most cases absorb any potential profit. Ebay is a better venue. When you participate in an auction, all of your items get to the top of the listing and remain there for a much longer time. I get more views with a few hours on ebay then I have gotten in 9 days on etsy. If you want quick sales that you can depend on for more than pocket cahnge, etsy is not the venue.

Maybe – Maybe Not
by: Rita Juhlin

Sorry to hear, Ms. Anonymous, that your 9 days gave you such a bad experience. I personally don’t look at other jeweler’s as competitors; not all jewelry is created alike or equal.

Different venues work for different people. I am unaware of your generalized figures stating “thousand of others who report no sales after years,” that seems like a stretch.
Millions of dollars are spent on Etsy and jewelry is a big part of that.

For me taking pictures and learning to take better pictures has saved me time over the years I’ve been making and selling jewelry, and I find it rather fun. I sure didn’t start my jewelry business with the idea of quick sales, a fast buck or quitting my day job, lol. Spending my time working with my jewelry gives me great pleasure and I look at it more as a labor of love; selling the jewelry is the bonus.

I hope your Ebay views turn into Ebay sales and thank you for your comment.

by: Amy S.

The quality of photos DO make a huge difference as I have noted just in the two years I’ve had a shop on Etsy.

I’ve found the ‘competition’ on eBay is just as big. The one thing I like about Etsy though is that your audience is looking for handcrafted items whereas on eBay your audience is much broader.

Best of luck to sellers in both areas, Thanks to Rita and all the comments for the great tips!


Etsy Tags
by: Smitherine

Using all 14 spots for your item tags on Etsy is super-important, as well. I never leave any of them blank, as they are each a gateway to your product.

Etsy or Website – Both Add Credibility to Your Business
by: Virginia Vivier –

Here is a different point of view.

I concentrate on selling at Art Festivals. I had a nice business card, but no website listing. Folks would ask me why I didn’t have a website? Many potential customers were rushed and didn’t have much time to spend at my booth. Or, they wanted something custom made. They wanted to go home and leisurely view photos of everything I had ever made. But I had no website to send them to.

So I setup an Etsy Store and website (still a work in progress!) to add credibility to my business and pick up additional “after market” sales. Together, the cost of Etsy Store and website are a mere $12 per month, and a few hours of my time to keep them updated. Peanuts for advertising your artwork!

When I attend an Art Festival as a customer, and find an Artist who intrigues me, I always ask for their business card. It is especially helpful if they have a website that includes items different from their Art Festival inventory.

So, don’t dispair if you haven’t sold anything on Etsy. A website or Etsy Store adds crediblity to your business and helps spread the word!

Somebody wanted links
by: Rita Juhlin

Somebody wanted links, well here is a list; the best I can do for you. I really am trying to be helpful.

HomeStudio jewelry, giftware 18,900
sweetheartsinner jewelry, cases 14,000
birdznbeez jewelry 13,200
LuxeDeluxe jewelry 12,000
MadisonCraftStudio jewelry 11,800
littleputbooks jewelry, paper goods 11,600
adorapop jewelry 8,100
nicholasandfelice jewelry 7,700
ItsAllAboutThePrint jewelry 7,500
caughtredhanded jewelry 7,400
ImagesUnderGlass jewelry 7,100
esdesigns jewelry 7,100 *
PiecesOfMePendants jewelry 6,900
oliviamoon jewelry 6,700
thelovelyteaspoon jewelry 6,500
allisonstrine jewelry, printed goods 6,500
sudlow jewelry 6,000 *
chinacherie jewelry 5,800
LingGlass jewelry 5,700 *
littlebluebirdstudios jewelry 5,700
KeysandMemories jewelry 5,400
missficklemedia jewelry 5,300
classicdesigns jewelry 5,100
phoebestreasure jewelry 5,100
tigerlillyshop jewelry 5,000
jessejanes jewelry 4,800
MiaBeads jewelry 4,600
photoglassworks jewelry 4,600
dillondesigns jewelry 4,400
roundabout jewelry 4,400
UniqueArtPendants jewelry, art prints 4,300
puffluna jewelry 4,300
gamiworks jewelry 4,000
KathrynRiechert jewelry 4,000
surly jewelry 4,000
Analiese jewelry 3,900
AnomalousBits jewelry 3,700
UntamedMenagerie jewelry 3,700
DornickDesigns jewelry 3,600
JustJaynes jewelry 3,600
lillyella jewelry 3,600
dwilcox jewelry 3,500
TillyBloom jewelry 3,500
CuteAbility jewelry 3,500
relishdress jewelry 3,400
mylavaliere jewelry, headbands 3,400
geelizzie jewelry 3,300
ThePendantFactory jewelry 3,300
LisasLovlies jewelry 3,300
squidglass jewelry 3,200
PendantLicious jewelry 3,200
jackandjane hair accessories, jewelry 3,100
thepebblecollection jewelry 3,100
1ofmykind jewelry 3,000
jessejanes jewelry 3,000

You can cut and paste into search if you don’t want to type the names.

My Very Best to you all!!

Rita Juhlin, Thank You
by: Elizabeth

Not only are you an extraordinary person, you are clear in your presentation both verbally and artistically. You are so very, very talented and generous in sharing your experiences.

Few artists are that confident and generous to take such time for fellow artists and people who really appreciate your advice.

The list of links is extensive, which only proves that you are dedicated and quite possibly, a very happy person indeed!

Thank you, Rita


I am!
by: Rita Juhlin

Thank you and I am a happy person! With a deep faith, a generally good attitude, and a load of good and bad experiences I live and learn.

If I can help one person do a little better and try a little harder or open up a positive out look I am even happier!

Thanks for the “Village”
by: Constance Harris

Thank you Rena and Rita. It takes a creative village to “raise” confident and inspired artisans. Rita, as a new Etsy shop owner I really appreciate all of your research for this article. Setting up my Etsy shop was a goal I set for myself before my 50th birthday this year. You have to understand that I am not the most computer saavy person so this was a huge accomplishment for me. It is still a work in progress, but after a month I was thrilled to get my first sale. You would have thought I won the lottery the way I screamed. Although I’m 2999 sales away from my new 3000 sales goal I feel blessed by all the support, research, and words of encouragement that you have provided.

by: Rita

You go girl!!

Thank You Rita
by: Dee

Rita I just want to say thank you for sharing this information with all of us, it was really good helpful information.

Thanks again, God bless you and yours, and please always live a positive life.

3000 things
by: Skyfire

Good information, worth remembering.

3000 sales? That sounds almost impossible, but yes I believe that people do it.

Question, though. In order to sell 3000 things, you have to make 3000 things. How many pieces of jewelry are people here making per day? Part time, full time?

So far, I’ve made 38. Yes, I know. That sounds pitiful. (Heck, it is pitiful.) I don’t suppose that I can use the excuse that I’ve only been doing this for 2 1/2 months.

Thank you!
by: Melody

Thank you for taking the time to write this article. I found it to be in-line with everything else I’ve read about Etsy, although yours was definitely more helpful!


Great Tips
by: Melissa

Thank you for all of the valuable information, there is definately a lot here that I could use to tweak my site. Thanks again!

i love etsy
by: Christina

I am glad google brought me to this page. I began selling on Etsy recently and without advertising have managed 6 sales. Of course I hope to increase this # exponentially. If you are interested in some whimsical jewelry, visit me at

thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

Glad to be here
by: Helen

I am contemplating selling my jewelry so that I make enough money to make more jewelry lol! Talk about feeding a habit lol! I’ve just begun to make pieces that I am actually proud of and want to sell them rather than give them away.

Rita I commend you for the gift that you are, even in the midst of adversity, you remain gracious. I only found this site today and I feel like I’ve come home – THANK YOU!!

I am delighted to have found this community and hope to grow with you guys – lots of scope there then lol!!!

I was struggling with photography – I’m going to make the lightbox as recommended in one of your posts.

Again thank you for this site soooo much!!

Thank you
by: Rita Juhlin

Well, you know sometimes the only way to go is up!

I’m delighted to be of some help to you. I guarantee you will be inspired by Rena’s web site.

My best to you!

Thank you, Rita!
by: Alexis

Well, I already see about 3 or 4 of the mistakes mentioned already, so I’ll get right on it. I’ve only had 2 sales, no feedback, and my product line is really not cohesive. My pictures could also use some work. Thank you for your tips!


Pulling my hair out on ETSY
by: Maryanne

Thank Rita for your well informed article. I’m on Etsy now and trying not to get to depressed with the number of hits I’m getting. Your article was a well needed bit of information and uplift. Thank you for finding the time to write and share it.

Thanks for spreading good karma

Etsy Shop Traffic
by: Anonymous

This is great! I opened up shop couple weeks ago. I’ve had one sale, but I don’t know how to get the word out about my shop. I create original paintings. Here is my shop link.

Etsy Selling
by: Anonymous

Very informative article I have an Etsy store and it is tough to get the sales.

Ginn Art – Better place for your work!
by: Virginia Vivier –

This is for the “Anonymous” comment about Etsy store “Ginn Art.” I visited your Etsy store and your paintings are vibrant and colorful. You might want to list them on a better site that specializes in Fine Art paintings: “Fine Art America.”

I have listed my jewelry on that site and get 100 hits per week. They do a good job of search engine placement. It’s FREE to list! They also offer a very inexpensive websites for Artists that run about $30 per year. (

Below is a link to my website on Fine Art America and also, Artist websites. It was amazingly quick and easy to list everything. I also stick with Etsy since I have been with them for 4 years. Powerful social networking on Facebook with photos of your work, Fine Art America listings, Artist’s Website and an Etsy store will help drive more traffic to your work. The more places you list, the more “eyes” view your work. Blogs are great too!

Hope this helps!

Virginia Vivier

Paid Advertising
by: Anonymous

I really liked the information in this post. The question I have is whether any of these stores participate in paid advertising to direct people to their stores or is it pure SEO that lets people find their Etsy store?

Your Question
by: Rita Juhlin

You would have to contact those sellers for that information.

Great article!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the helpful information!

Great Post
by: Sarah Pennington

I loved these lines: People spend money on what is important to them.
It has nothing to do with what they can afford.
That is one reason credit card balances are in the billions.

I just opened my Etsy shop this last week and I’m getting pressured by certain family members to lower my prices because they are too high for people in our area. I refuse to lower my prices- what I make takes a lot of time and I need to make sure I am getting paid a rate that won’t make me eventually resent my career choice.

I think I will post that quote on my workshop wall. 😀

-Sarah at Hip Earth Designs

In your area?
by: Rita Juhlin

You might mention that being on the internet makes the entire world your market place.

Give it some time and promote your wares. Your work is very good.

Keep Your Etsy Prices the Same!
by: Virginia Vivier,


I visited your Etsy store and your prices are very reasonable! People don’t realize that you have to make enough profit to buy more materials and pay for your time. There are also costs to cover for Etsy commissions, Etsy listings and for shipping & packaging, which also cost additional $$ and take your time to process for each sale.

Stick with your gut feelings and stay with it! Lowering your prices will just hurt the rest of us who are selling at prices that will allow us to continue our craft by making enough profit to quit our day jobs! Hooray! How wonderful is it to do what you love and still be able to pay your bills?

You Go Girlfriend! We’re with you!

Virginia Vivier
Tucson, AZ

Thanks to Virginia and Rita
by: Sarah @ HipEarth


I’ll have to remember to work the world marketplace stuff into my defense. I know marketing a business takes time and effort so I’m doing all I can.


Thanks for the words of encouragement and for thinking my prices are reasonable. I needed to hear that. I suppose I’m just anxious to make that first Etsy sale, even though I know it takes time to develop the perfect target market. I do wish more people would realize how much time and personal investment goes into crafting for a living- and I really wish they’d realize I have to charge price that allow me to stock on new materials. Maybe I need to post some friendly and informative articles on our company blog about the woes of craft business ownership- as long as I don’t come off as desperate for a sale, it can’t hurt, right?

We’ll see.

Thanks again!

by: DClarke

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice

etsy sale research
by: peter

This is a wonderful blog.
I have been in the antiques and collectibles business for over 15 years. I recently opened a shop on etsy called North Country Vintage aka North Country Vintage Art and Antiques.

To learn how other sellers on etsy are doing and what’s selling I searched etsy for items similar to what I sell such as antique books until I found etsy sellers who have a lot of antiques in the inventory and a feedback score of at least 100. Some etsy sellers have 1000s of feedback posts and have sold several items per day. This was very helpful in learning the frequency of sales vs the amount of items in your inventory. If your items are each unique, obviously the more inventory you have the more sales you will make and the more people will be attracted to your store.

Also, the higher your feedback, the greater your credibility and you can increase your positive feedback bu purchasing inexpensive items on etsy.

By searching successful etsy sellers’ feedback you also see what’s selling, i.e. the currently popular industrial-steampunk look.

After searching a given sellers’ feedback you can check out their current inventory offerings and price range. Etsy sellers with hundreds of items in their inventory who are selling one item every few days know what sells, know their market.

Also, if you really want to sell as opposed to simply offering what you like to make I urge you to check out the ads in the Sunday paper coupon brochure insert from the Hamilton Collection and Bradford Exchange, although you might find miuch of this merchandise tacky it does show what subjects sell in much of America: i.e.: fairies, baseball, unicorns, dragons, fancy Victorian Ladies, Harley Davidson, Civil War, patriotic Americana, angels, cats, cats and more cats; etc. You can also learn what subjects sells via eBay collectible categories, i.e.: magic, various dog breed, frogs, owls, cows, horses, Celtic, John Deere, etc., etc.

Best of luck to you all!

Kindest Wishes–peter gumaer ogden

P.S. I find customer service at Etsy to be excellent and very friendly.

Thank you for the great insight into Etsy selling.
by: Lori

All Etsy sellers strive to get their products seen in the best possible way. You’ve given us some great tips to help us in that process. Thanks for making etsy fun again!

Thank you for the great insight into Etsy selling.
by: Lori

All Etsy sellers strive to get their products seen in the best possible way. You’ve given us some great tips to help us in that process. Thanks for making etsy fun again!

by: Jessi P – Crochessories Designs

Thank you so much for putting your research into one blog. Compilation of help/success stories for newbie online business owners is SO essential now that there are so many people blogging.

I cannot tell you how many tabs I have open on my Internet browser at once…all the time. That includes social networking, google for days on tips for selling on Etsy and business stuff, and just plain tutorials for learning new techniques.

Again, I thank you! If you would like to check out my Etsy site where I handmake crochet accessories like jewelry, headbands, and even art deco, please visit 🙂


Jessi P
Crochessories Designs

Digital Images
by: Jen

There are also image suppliers that sell high quality printable images to use in your etsy creations. If you’re looking for inspiration or a new source of material, some of these images aren’t very expensive, like

What a great post
by: Elizabeth


Your comment in this post was so helpful! I never thought of checking the E-bay collectibles section to see what’s hot. Never occurred to me. It’s so nice to see a community of jewelry designers come together here to help each other out. I thank Rena for bringing us all together. It’s so frustrating to see people out there in the marketplace who hate competition when in reality, competition is what makes us all better at what we do.

Thank you all for your input.


by: Riezl

Your article is very helpful. Thank you for sharing your insight. 🙂



Sell jewelry online
by: buy and sell jewelry onlines

Most online jewelry sellers are trying their best to make an impact. Catching the eye of your audience or your potential client is the main thing and getting them to buy your product is another. fashion jewelries are easy to sell,especially if they are beaded type and well made. You need to sell what is “IN” and not the “OUT”.. Look at the demands of your customers and listen to them. They will come back again and again if they are happy.

lovely article
by: Libra

What a useful article, thank you! I’ve started getting serious about my Etsy store and will take these tips to heart.

All the best to you,

by: dawn

wow ! this is amazing,this site is an angel for me! thanks so much!
I just open my etsy shop, I admit I haven’t spent much time before because of my daytime job. But now, i’m spending lots and lots of time. I’m a little bit worried of not selling etc. I’ve seen a lot of common errors on starting Etsy!I’m struggling on my pictures, and i’m a bit slow on listing as writing details, taking pictures, editing etc. are longer than the making of my bags themselves! lol. I’ve got only 1 sale since I started listing 2 months ago.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone in here could visit my store on etsy and give me any advise 🙂

thanks everyone and more power! thanks to you Rita! you are so generous on giving all these details patiently!
happy holidays soon!

Tank you so much
by: AvniS jewelry

Tank you for the information
I just opened a new store on Etsy

great idea
by: Karnadi

hi ,
I’m new on etsy. I knew that build my own website is great idea, but for me it take to much cost, so meanwhile I will keep sell on etsy while in my spare time try to build my own website to sell my products. any way thanks a lot for the great tips.

kindest regards,


Great article.
by: Nichole and Ryan

This is a very helpful article. We just started doing custom metal address signs on Esty and have been actively asking folks to email us if they want something specific.

This gives us new ideas for listings and seems to work nicely.

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