How to Make Jewelry That Reflects a Monarch Butterfly’s Beauty?

by Nancee Caye.

How to Make Jewelry That Reflects a Monarch Butterfly's Beauty?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I raise Monarch Butterflies from eggs laid on host plants in the yard.

I’d love to find a way to make earrings or a pendant that reflect the Monarch’s beauty.

I’d like to replicate the wing patterns in a light and small piece. If you’d like a photo(s) I can provide those. Any ideas?

Nancee Caye.

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  • Hi Nancee, you might try to alter my Bead and Wire Dragonfly Tutorial to look more like a butterfly.

  • Glenda Munguia says:

    I would think polymer clay would be ideal. I used to make blue butterflies in a similar pattern, with black lines.

  • kathy corkery says:

    Fire mountain Gems has butterfly wings that are beautiful and colorful that you could use as a focal for a butterfly necklace. Jessie James may have some as well.

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