Make a Spinning Earring Rack from a Spice Rack

by Shealynn.
(Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe)

Teenage jewelry artist Shealynn turned an ordinary rotating spice rack into this clever spinning earring rack.

She fitted a large, square cereal box over the spice rack, painted it black, and inserted sewing pins to hold her earring cards.

Spinning earring rack shown in the middle of Shealynn’s display table

Start with an ordinary rotating kitchen spice rack and a big, square cereal box

Fit the box over the spice rack

Paint the box and add pins for hanging earring cards

You can see her full tutorial for making the spinning earring rack here on her blog: Earring Display Rack.

This is such a great example of seeing the potential in items you have on hand – and then, like Cinderella’s godmother, working a little creative magic to transform them into jewelry displays!

However, like Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, Shealynn’s earring rack turned back in to an ordinary spice rack when her mom needed it in the kitchen again. 🙂

Thanks to Shealynn for sharing one of her many artistic talents with us!


Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe on Etsy


Make a Spinning Earring Rack
by: Rena


Thanks so much for sharing this great jewelry display idea with us! Great way to use something you already had, as well as upcycling a cereal box.

Love the other handmade display components on your table too!

Cinderella rack
by: Linda Stewart

You can put the jewelry that you display on the rack inside the box for storage when you have to put the spice rack back into its normal use. Then they’re ready for the next time you need them:)

Marcia Carter
by: Anonymous

This is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Spice Rack
by: Monarch Beads

What a fabulous idea. I love ideas that take normal everyday items and transform them!

Spice Racks For Bead Storage
by: Anonymous

I buy used spice racks at Goodwill and use them for storing beads. They usually do not come with the glass jars but they can be bought at stores that carry housewares. I have taken two of the racks and added glue to the bottom of one and stacked it on top of the other one. I you use white elmers glue, they can be taken apart later. It is nice to be able to see beads just by turning the racks.

Great Innovation for Trade Shows
by: Vanessa

This is a great idea and practical.
One of the difficulties I find in going jewellery shows is that items need to be 1) portable and 2) functional able to break down and packable in a suitcase.

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