Make a Jewelry Pouch without Sewing

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You can make a jewelry pouch quickly, easily, and very cheaply. And best of all – no sewing is involved!

This tutorial takes you step-by-step through a simple way to create an elegant gift pouch that’s perfect for packaging earrings and other small pieces of jewelry.

The pouch used in this tutorial was made by my mom – a creative gift wrap expert.

It’s made to hold a 2″ x 2″ earring card.

Supplies Needed

* Wire-edged ribbon, 2.5″ wide x 7″ long

* Scissors for cutting the ribbon

Step 1

From a roll of 2.5″ wide wire-edged ribbon (available at fabric or craft stores), cut a 7″-long piece.


Step 2

Fold under about 3/8″ on each end of your 7″ piece to create a nice, finished edge.


Step 3

Fold about 2-1/4″ of the bottom end of your ribbon up toward the middle.


Step 4

Fold about 1-1/2″ of the top of the ribbon down toward the middle. You should now have a little matchbook-shaped pouch with open sides.


Step 5

Gently pinch together the open sides of the pouch. The wire edges of the ribbon are pretty sturdy and they actually hold the pouch together quite well.

Put the earrings (or whatever) into your new little no-sew ribbon jewelry pouch.

This is such a neat way to make a small jewelry pouch, especially if you don’t have the time or interest to do any sewing. You can make these quickly as you package your jewelry at shows, or make them up ahead of time.

It’s also a fun and easy project for children – after you finish helping them with a jewelry-making project, they can make a jewelry pouch to hold their new treasure!

make a no-sew jewelry pouch

I purchased a 30-foot roll of this wire-edged ribbon at a local fabric store, during an after-Christmas clearance sale. It was regularly $5.99 per roll, and I got it on sale for $1.50.

A 30-foot roll of ribbon is enough to make about 51 of pouches of this size. At the regular price, that’s about 12 cents per pouch. At the clearance price, it’s about 3 cents per pouch.

For an embellished and larger version of this project, be sure to see the fantasy jewelry pouches  by Carolina Gonzalez.

She’s taken this Make a Jewelry Pouch project to a gorgeous new level!

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