Make a Cheap Necklace Display

by Rebecca Compton.

Here’s a cheap necklace display you can easily make from things you probably have around the house.


While looking for cheap necklace displays to use for my next craft fair, it occurred to me that I should just try something with the random supplies that I already have.

First, I cut up a cardboard box (I used a Priority Mail box someone mailed to me). The taller the box, the taller your display will be.

I cut a rectangular portion using the top flap and bottom flap.

I then took some thick fabric (I used an old sweater) and duct taped it to the middle and top portion.

It really just needs to cover the middle portion, but I liked the look of it going onto the top a bit. Don’t cover the bottom flap.

I then found some fabric to cover the whole thing. I used black velvet for one, and pretty blue fabric for another.

Pin the fabric around the cardboard, good side in. You may want to draw a line to show where to sew.

Slip the cardboard out of its new sleeve and sew the sleeve shut. Flip the sleeve inside-out, showing the good side.

Slip the fabric sleeve over your cardboard that is partially covered with thick fabric. It should be a tight fit.

Carefully sew up the ends. I folded the fabric in a bit and sewed it as close to the “inside” of the display as the fabric would allow.

When you approach the middle of the sewing line, insert a piece of long ribbon on each flap.

This will be for the tie/bow.

Since my cardboard wasn’t too thick, I also sewed the fabric TO the cardboard. It prevents the fabric from pulling away when the display is tied and looks much nicer.

Bend the two flaps so the pieces of ribbon meet. Tie it as tight or loose as you think looks best. A loose tie is slightly less stable, but stands up taller.

Ta da! You now have a very cheap, but nice looking necklace display.

Rebecca Compton
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