Love Amethyst

by Constantinescu Gabriela.
(Ploiesti, Romania, Europe)

Love Amethyst by Constantinescu Gabriela  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My jewelry is a bracelet I made some time ago, when I got a piece of raw amethyst absolutely amazing, and I saw it becoming a jewelry for the zodiacal sign Aries.

I don’t know if I touched my goal, but I tried.

After a time for thinking, I decided to use copper wire in my jewelry, the piece was made for a contest for this zodiacal sign – Aries. I didn’t get the first place, but to make it was a very interesting thing, all the process of planing, imagining with my mind’s eye, all was wonderful. Hope you to like it!!!

Constantinescu Gabriela

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  • Gaby, I so agree that this is an amazing amethyst – and also that amethyst and copper are wonderful together! I love the Aries Ram design in this bracelet.

  • Thank you so much, dear Rena, for your kind words, I looked for an wild and primitive image for my Aries jewelry, according to that strange piece of stone, I tried many designs, and, in the last moment I had the idea for making the horns of aries. Often, I like to use copper wire and, with my little skills of jewelry, I make wire jewelry, not sofisticated, not hard and perfect work, because I love primitive and simple style of jewelry, and of course, I am not so good at wire jewelry. I made another set of jewelry, wire working, with Dali theme inspiration, and I wish to share with you, if is possible.

  • Love the design of this bracelet! The wire spirals complement the amethyst stone well!

  • Linda Lohraff says:

    This amethyst bracelet is truly a work of art! The copper is beautiful and I would wear this all of the time! Just gorgeous.

  • Carol says:

    Gabriella, The Amethyst bracelet is a knock out. My birthstone so it would be desirable if I saw it for sale. Beauty. Great work.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciations, it means so much for me. Dear Carol, I have this bracelet with an assorted ring exposed for sell in my etsy shop. Thanks again, Gaby

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