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See the fun I’ve been having with the
“American Typewriter” metal stamping set!

Letter stamps in the American Typewriter font give jewelry a charming vintage look. (Cream mini-tags stamped by Rena Klingenberg.)

If you’ve done much jewelry stamping, you know it’s nice to have different letter styles to choose from. Each font expresses a unique mood.

Also, giving your customers a choice of fonts for their personalized jewelry orders is a lovely professional touch.

My new favorite font for metal stamping is American Typewriter from Infinity Stamps, which they sent to me to review:

Washer pendant by Rena Klingenberg.

Inspired by traditional typewriter lettering, this font has a charmingly old-fashioned feel that’s a nice change from plain-font letter stamps.

Its vintage look is lovely with the natural uneven-ness of hand-stamping.

If you’ve ever used an old typewriter, you know how the letters always typed a little unevenly on the paper.

Hand-stamping with this font re-creates that effect wonderfully:

Gunmetal mini-tags stamped by Rena Klingenberg.

Compared to most of the metal stamping sets out there, I find these stamps to be noticeably well made.

Infinity Stamps makes makes these from quality grade tool steel that’s heat-treated for durability.

The letters are precisely formed for sharp, clear results:

Also, Infinity’s stamps are longer than the letter stamps many of us have used before. This extra length makes it easier to place and hold your stamp for hammering.

The black stamp below is from another metal stamping set I own; the silver one is from the American Typewriter set by Infinity Stamps:

They come nicely packaged in a sturdy plastic case:

American Typewriter metal stamping sets from Infinity Stamps are available in three parts:

* A 26-letter uppercase alphabet set (which is what I have).

* A 26-letter lowercase alphabet set.

* A 14-piece numbers and symbols set that includes the numbers 0-9 plus a slash, hyphen, asterisk, and ampersand.

I’ve been having so much fun with these stamps that no metal surface in my house is safe! :o)

Even these small aluminum Christmas ornaments couldn’t escape being stamped:

See Metal Stamps – Tips and Techniques to learn how to get great results with metal stamping – and to share your own stamping tips.

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