Lessons Learned: prepare your jewelry booth for bad weather

by Nicole Green.
(Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi USA)

Prepare Your Jewelry Booth for Bad Weather  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I live on a coastal town where strong winds can whip up out of nowhere.

Many vendors lost their tents.

Many vendors lost their tents.

Knowing this, I thought I was being very responsible by using weights and stakes, but nothing prepared me (and others) for the winds that hit us last weekend at the Harbor Fest.

Sailor's knot bracelets & beach themed jewelry.

Sailor’s knot bracelets & beach themed jewelry.

The first evening the winds were strong and some vendors lost their tents. I made out just fine. The second day, another storm with strong winds and rain. Feeling confident , we let down the sides again, in order to stay dry.

After the storm.

After the storm.

This time we could not keep the tent from collapsing, although 4 adults were trying to hang on to it. After some retrospect, I am creating some guidelines I plan to follow if I ever buy another tent.

1. When I see a rain storm coming, I am going to be prepared to quickly throw my jewelry into waterproof containers that I store under the tables. The mistake I made was to let down the sides in order to protect everything from the rain. The sides acted like sails, catching the wind.

2. I use 6 ft. shutters attached to the tent frame, which only strengthened my sail. I plan to cut them in half and set them up on tables.

"Sail Away"  bangle has new meaning for me.

“Sail Away” bangle has new meaning for me.

3. Always use weights, as much as 200 lbs. Stakes too, if allowed. I rented thick, 3 ft. iron stakes for only $8 for the weekend. I actually thought it was overkill!

Remember: You are not just protecting your property, you don’t want a flyaway tent & weights to hurt others or their property.

Nicole Green
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