Learning a New Pendant Design at the Tucson Gem Show

by Judy Pagnusat.
(United States)

Pendants by Judy Pagnusat  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I was in Tucson this year for the Gem Shows.

I met a man, Dennis Hardy of Knotted Branch Designs, who was demoing forged wire cab setting.

I watched and purchased one of his pieces. I have been working on the technique and ordered his tutorial.

I always enjoy learning new techniques. Here are my attempts.

Judy Pagnusat
JudyPag Designs/Judy’s Gems

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  • These are really cool, Judy. I love the bold design with clean lines. It looks like a good setting for arrowheads too. Did you also get some inspiring stones and other goodies at the Tucson show?

  • Very nice!!

  • Jann says:

    Can you share the tutorial/ where to purchase please?

  • Jean says:

    Very nice. I love the bold, clean lines.

  • Patt says:

    I really like your wire settings. What gauge wire did you use? I have a lot of bigger stones that would look great in a wire settings like you made. Thanks

  • Carol Burton says:

    I like the way you take an idea and run with it! I love the simplicity of the lines, and choice of wire.

    I spent five days in Tucson. I took two classes from the instructors there: Soldering and Stone Setting. I’ve opened myself up to new designs. I found beautiful raw and natural stones that I hand picked from several shows I went to. My favorite show was the Miner’s Co-op Show in Morono. Quartsite was a wonderful place to go, also. I have some exciting new designs I’ll be working on soon.

  • Adrien says:

    Here’s a video of Dennis demonstrating his “Silk Wrapping” technique.

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