Lapis Lazuli and Garnet – Double and Single Strand Beading in the Same Necklace

by Joanne Nelson.
(Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)

I had these big, beautiful lapis lazuli rice beads in my inventory, and I was dying to do something with them. I’d never worked with two strands at a time before, so I thought I’d challenge myself.

I used 49-strand Beadalon wire. I folded about 40″ of wire in half, put it through a wire guard and added two crimp tubes.

One challenge was that the 4mm garnet beads wouldn’t stay up against the lapis, because they were too large to sit comfortably next to each other and against the lapis. So I put 2mm silver beads against the lapis and then added the garnet.

Another issue was keeping the beads tight to avoid seeing wire. I fixed that by tightening everything up and adding a crimp tube before each lapis round covered by a silver crimp cover.

The last issue was dealing with the two wires at the other end. I didn’t want two wire guards.

So I threaded both wires through the crimp tubes but only one wire went through the wire guard and back into the crimp tubes ending with three wires in the crimp tubes.

I crimped, cut the wires and added crimp covers to the tubes.

Joanne Nelson

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