Learn Four Ways to
Make Wire Rings Adjustable

. . . in this versatile collection of wire ring projects.

4 Adjustable Wire Rings Video Class by Rena KlingenbergWelcome! I’m Rena Klingenberg – wire jewelry artist and founder of Jewelry Making Journal.

There are infinite ways to make wire rings adjustable.

We’ll learn four of those ways in this self-paced video tutorial class.

In this series of projects, each ring has a different type of adjustable band.

And after making these rings from the video tutorials, you’ll be able to create your own unique rings based on these adjustable band designs.

“I would highly recommend this class for anyone!

This class covers a section of working with wire that is not usually available in other media like books.”

– Alice Roberts


What Jewelry Artists Like Best About This
“Four Adjustable Wire Rings”


“The best feature of these rings are the endless way we can design them.”

– Mimi Baez


“I liked that it was explained how to arrive at the measurements. I really hadn’t broken it down that way, which was complete logic.”

– Orchidrosette


“Versatility of the designs, and ability to customize them as well with additional embellishments.”

– Alice Roberts


The 4 Ring Projects in This Class

On each of these rings, the adjustable part of the band is hidden from view – so that from the top of the wearer’s hand, no one would guess the ring is adjustable:

Four Adjustable Wire Rings Video Class by Rena Klingenberg

Meanwhile, the wearer enjoys the comfort and versatility of a ring that can expand and contract to fit a range of finger sizes.


Transcript and Cheat Sheets

In this class you’ll get a transcript of the introduction video, where all the need-to-know information is given.

So no need to take notes – just print the transcript and enjoy watching the video.

Then, for the series of hands-on tutorial videos, you’ll get four printable cheat sheets – one for each of the ring projects in this class.

Each cheat sheet includes recommended wire gauges, measurements, tools, and notes on how to make the ring.

I recommend keeping the transcript and cheat sheets in a notebook so you can easily refer back to them anytime.


“I was impressed with your cheat sheet format. I am inspired to use this type of format for some of my own creations.”

– Alice Roberts


Adjustable Wire Rings
Tend to Be Fast Sellers

Rings are a popular jewelry item – and people of all ages love the comfort, convenience, and versatility of adjustable rings.

A display of adjustable wire rings can be quick sellers at a jewelry show or party.


“I love these adjustable rings, and there is a place for this type of products for most jewelry maker’s to feature.

I cannot wait to have my friends see these unique and interesting rings. I know all my nieces and the children and teen girls will love these rings.”

– Alice Roberts


Tools and Supplies
You’ll Need for This Class

  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • A roll of 20-gauge craft wire or Artistic wire
  • A ruler with centimeters and millimeters
  • A Sharpie or other marker for marking measurements on your wire.


  • A ring mandrel (but as you’ll see in the class, we can easily substitute a variety of household items if you don’t have an official mandrel).
  • A plastic, nylon, or rawhide hammer for work-hardening your wire components.
  • A cloth tape measure with centimeters and millimeters for measuring your finger.


“I enjoy each and every one of the rings and I can’t wait to start my weekend project, making the Modern Heirloom ring.

The videos are so easy to follow and the cheat sheets are a time saver.”

– Mimi Baez


What We’ll Cover in
“Four Adjustable Wire Rings”:

This is a self-paced video class that includes printable cheat sheets and a transcript.

Welcome & Introduction:
Information for This Class

Video and printable transcript.


Project 1:
Rose & Leaf Adjustable Ring

Video and printable cheat sheet.


Project 2:
Stacked Up Ring

Video and printable cheat sheet.


Project 3:
Modern Heirloom Ring

Video and printable cheat sheet.


Project 4:
Sunken Treasure Ring

Video and printable cheat sheet.


Secret Bonus Project:

(You can access it at the end of the class!)

Video and printable cheat sheet.


“Thanks for such a good class, not just the rings but all the information on wire.”

– Bev Carlson


Class Format:

This class is taught through online videos.
You can access this class on your
Computer, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, and any other device
where you can watch online videos.

This class also includes cheat sheets and a transcript that you can download and print out.

You’ll have lifetime access to this class – so you can go through it at your own pace, and replay the videos as much as you like.

Simply log in to watch the videos or download the transcript and cheat sheets whenever you wish.

Immediately after your purchase, you can access this class and start learning right away.



If you’re not satisfied with this class, just contact me within 60 days of your date of purchase – and I’ll issue your 100% refund immediately.

Your purchase is 100% safe and secure – and 100% risk-free.


“Would I recommend this class? Without a doubt! Rena is such a great instructor.”

– Teresa


Learn Four Ways to
Make Wire Rings Adjustable:

4 Adjustable Wire Rings Video Class by Rena Klingenberg


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“This class is a great tool for beginners and intermediates alike.”

– Mimi Baez