How to Bring a Steady Stream of Customers to Your Online Jewelry Business

Here's how I increased my website traffic by using social networking - and how you can do it too.

Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry OnlineHi, I’m Rena Klingenberg – jewelry artist and founder of Jewelry Making Journal.

Not long after social media first gained attention on the Internet, I started exploring to see how it might benefit my business.

At first I just dabbled here and there on a few social websites, testing the waters and discovering what brought more interested visitors to my website – and what didn’t.

I already had a fair amount of traffic before I started these experiments.

But within a few months of playing around with social media, I experienced a big upswing in my targeted visitors – people coming from my social media interactions, who were interested in what I had to offer.

The most powerful online tool for promoting jewelry websites and blogs is social media.

I highly recommend Rena’s comprehensive guide to navigating the what’s, do’s and don’ts of social marketing for busy jewelry artisans who either don’t have the time to do the research or the knowledge of where to begin.

– Pearl, the Beading Gem


To Grow Your Jewelry Business,
You Have to Go
Where the People Are

Social websites are where everybody is online.

Over half of all Internet users spend more time on social websites than doing anything else online.

The social Web has an unprecedented power to attract people’s attention and influence their buying decisions.

Studies show that people who use social networking sites also tend to be active online shoppers – and that they buy more than twice as many jewelry and fashion items online as non-social-site users do.


Put Your Jewelry
Right in Front of
Your Most Likely Customers

In “Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry Online” I’ll guide you through a variety of ways you can put your jewelry right in front of the active online shoppers who love the kind of jewelry you create.

I’ll show you how you can easily find your ideal potential customers on social websites, and build true friendships with them.

Then you can watch your online jewelry business grow – the friendly way.


I’m a geek. I admit it. I’ve been involved with computers since my first Apple II and a 300 baud modem.

I’m an artist, designer and writer, and I spend 4 to 6 hours a day on the web. I thought I ruled the web.

Imagine how shocked I was to read Rena’s book and find out how much more I needed to know about marketing my work through social media!

Step-by-step, Rena explains how to use social media sites to promote you and your work.

If you buy only one book about online marketing, this should be it.

If you are a quilter, painter, photographer, or an artist or craftsperson working in any media, just substitute your medium for the word “jewelry” in the book and you’ll have the perfect online marketing guide for you.

– Charlene Anderson


Social Networking
Connects You with the People
Who Want to Buy from You

People prefer to buy from the businesses (and people) they know and like.

So when you build genuine friendships online, jewelry sales will follow – especially when these friends are people who already love the kind of jewelry you make.

No matter where you sell your handmade jewelry online – on Artfire, Etsy, eBay, your blog, your own website, etc. – you have to drum up your own customers if you want to sell your jewelry.

And if you want to have more control over your own traffic and bring interested customers to your jewelry online, social websites are the “power tools” you should be using.

I take you through it step-by-step in this complete 133-page guide to selling more of your jewelry on the Internet – the social way.


Want the Fastest, Easiest Road to
Social Networking Success
for Your Jewelry Business?

It took me more than two solid years of studying, experimenting, trial and error to figure out all of the jewelry-specific social media tips and strategies that are in this book.

You can take a huge jump ahead, and bypass your own two-year learning curve – by using the simple strategies in this ebook.


Rena, I have read your book “Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry Online” and regard it as an outstanding resource for anyone, like myself, who is trying to build up their online jewellery business.

This is a BIG subject and if like me, you’ve not really got started on blogging or being involved in virtual communities, it’s a largely unknown world and one where I didn’t really know where or how to get into!

Having read your book the mystery has gone and I now feel pretty confident to go ahead and make new contacts and customers through this important medium.

What’s more, you have explained to me, in very straight forward terms, not only what I need to be doing but exactly HOW to do it.

This book is a must for anyone who is struggling to “Be Found” on the internet by potential customers – as we’ve all discovered, no matter how lovely our products, how reasonably priced they are and how stunning our photos are, etc., unless we are found by our target market we ain’t going to sell sell sell!

So read on and learn how to harness the power of social networking and see how it will bring the all important target customers right into your online shop.

This book really does demonstrate how, for almost no cost except our time, we can turn traditional marketing methods upside down and take control of our own destiny.

I would highly recommend this personal insight from Rena, and only wish that I’d had this knowledge 18 months ago when I launched my online business.

– Dawn Woodward


What You’ll Learn in This Book:

The Jewelry Artist’s Guide to Social Media

Unclutter and Simplify for Success; The Karma of Social Networking; What Makes Social Media Effective for Businesses?; Why Should You Consider Social Media for Your Jewelry Business?; The Fringe Benefits of Social Media

The Easiest Way to
Sell More Jewelry Online

The Key to Selling More Jewelry Can Be Summed Up in 7 Words; Social Media Goals; IMPORTANT STRATEGY: Serving a Specific Niche of Jewelry Customers; Four Types of Jewelry Niches; Basic Jewelry Niche Success Strategy; Having Trouble Defining a Niche for Your Jewelry?; Examples of Jewelry Niche Markets; Where Should You Focus Your Social Media Efforts?; Niche-Focused Online Communities; Once You Set Up a Social Media Account – What Do You Do There?; It’s Easy, Once You Know How; What’s the Catch?; Does Social Media Take a Lot of Time?; The Jewelry Artist’s Advantage

Turn Your Jewelry Blog into
an Important Social Media Tool

What is a Blog?; Your Jewelry Blog’s RSS Feed; Jewelry Blogging Strategies for Social Media Success; Make Your Jewelry Blog Popular and Addictive; Power Tips for Using Photos in Your Jewelry Blog; The Importance of Blog Comments; The Power of Shared Blogging; More Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Blog’s Audience . . . *plus several more secrets that I won’t reveal here*

Get Set Up for Your Social Media Success

The Basic Features of Social Sites and How to Make the Most of Them; How to Set up a “Power Profile” on Social Websites; Profile Photo Power Tips; Another Reason to Create a Great Profile Page; How to Keep Your Social Site Accounts from Getting Banned; Power Tips for Tagging; Hashtags; Cash in on Curiosity: A Quick Guide to Creating Teasers So Your Content “Gets the Click” . . . *plus several more secrets that I won’t reveal here*

Social Networking –
Participate in the Online Conversation of Your Niche

What is “The Conversation of Your Niche”?; Golden Rules of Online Social Networking; How to Get Maximum Views for Your Social Networking Activity; Strategies for Commenting on Popular Niche Blogs; How to Find the Top Blogs in Your Niche; Blog Commenting Power Strategies . . . *plus several more strategies that I won’t reveal here*

Putting the Two-Step Strategy to Work

The Two-Step Social Networking Success Strategy; Engaging with People Online as Part of Growing Your Jewelry Business; Keeping Your Social Media Friends Interested in Your Updates; Use Your Social Media Sites for Research; Use Social Media to Involve Customers in Shaping Your Business; Asking Questions People Will Answer; Giving Perks and Privileges to Your Followers; Social Commerce – Selling Your Jewelry Directly from Social Networking Sites; Using Social Media to Get Your Jewelry Reviewed by Bloggers; Social Networking with Your Fellow Jewelry Artists; Three Social Media Timesavers; Summary – What You’ve Learned in This Book


“Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry Online” was one of the most informative guides relating to internet marketing that I have ever read!

This book was extremely insightful and useful and I would suggest it to any jewelry artist who wants to know the many various secrets to marketing their work online!

Thanks a lot!

– Beth Millner


You’ll also receive these
2 additional resources
that are essential to your success:


Guide to Setting Up Your
Successful Online Jewelry Business

This 26-page bonus guide takes you through every step of operating a successful jewelry business online.

This bonus guide covers in detail:

The Elements of a Successful Online Jewelry Business; Set Up an Online Storefront for Your Jewelry; Encourage Customers to Shop From You Online; My All-Time Best Selling Jewelry Item Online; Jewelry Website Features; Jewelry Images; On-Site Marketing; Checkout / Payment Options; Shipping and Delivery; Customer Service; Make Your Online Jewelry Business More Efficient; Storing Your Jewelry Inventory; Numbering Your Jewelry Inventory; Tips for Filling Jewelry Orders; and more.


200 Ideas for
Your Social Media Posts

With this list you won’t have to struggle to think of things to say to your social media friends and followers.

These post ideas include both jewelry and non-jewelry topics.

So you can easily keep your followers updated with what’s going on in your jewelry business – and also have friendly, non-business conversations with them.


For your convenience,
both of these Bonus Resources
are included inside the book.


eBook Format:

This is a PDF ebook that you can read on your
Computer, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Tablet, Smartphone,
and most other devices.

Immediately after your purchase, you can download your ebook and start learning new success strategies, tips, and secrets right away.



If you’re not satisfied with this book, just contact me within 60 days of your date of purchase – and I’ll issue your 100% refund immediately.

Your ebook purchase is 100% safe and secure – and 100% risk-free.


This book has sparked a new reality to the possibilities and realms of expanding my jewelry business to heights I had not even dreamt of.

It has taught me how much I need to learn with my lack of computer knowledge! From the very first day I stumbled across Rena’s website – this book will answer that mystery and provide computer savvy individuals with even better answers – Rena has helped me start from a school desk beading table to a full sized studio.

From moonlight beaders to full scale jewelry operations, this book offers industry competitive advice with a lot of giggles in between.

– Elizabeth


Learn How to Bring Customers
to Your Online Jewelry Business
with Social Media:


Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry Online

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I just finished my second reading of this book and I can only say this is THE Guide for Internet sellers.

If you are a beginner on the web, you can use this book as the guide of jewelry online marketing; if you are a seasoned seller, you will find hundreds of useful tips to expand your business online on the most efficient ways… and efficiency is a must when having an online business.

Rena is a true expert on the secrets of profitable and targeted online marketing. Her own websites and newsletters are a proof of internet marketing success at all levels.

The book is about building true relationships with true people, and Rena offers a wonderful insight on the making of those relationships, and how to make them profitable for all parts through mutual collaboration.

It is a fact that Internet is changing, and if you don’t know yet what Web 2.0 is, you’re in desperate need of this book or you’ll be soon left behind and wondering where has all the traffic gone?

– Carolina Gonzalez


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