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Simple strategies for successful jewelry blogging
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Jewelry Blogging Success GuideWelcome! I’m Rena Klingenberg – jewelry artist and founder of Jewelry Making Journal.

In my travels around the Internet, I notice that some jewelry artists’ blogs receive a lot of traffic, comments, and followers . . . but others don’t.

In fact, the majority of the jewelry blogs I visit should be getting more action – especially considering the time and effort you’re investing in your blog.

So I asked jewelry artists about their blogging roadblocks – and then created this 121-page “Jewelry Blogging Success Guide”.


There are so many excellent ideas for blog posts here that I think I’m set up for over a year now.

I love the Editorial Calendar idea! This is a great way to stay focused on my blogging goals and it compels me to follow through. I really need that!

I also enjoyed your tips on getting visitors to leave comments on my blog.

Something else I had never considered was writing a post based on questions I’d received via emails. Great idea.

Finding, connecting and keeping your “tribe” was also one the subjects I especially appreciated, as all relationships need to be nurtured. So “paying it forward” and encouraging and supporting others is essential.

This guide is more than an excellent resource for those of us struggling to maintain an interesting, productive, jewelry blog, it’s essential.

– Zoraida Bros


The Most Common
Jewelry Blogging Roadblocks

When I asked jewelry artists, “What are you struggling with when it comes to blogging for your jewelry business?” – the top responses were:

  • Writer’s block (“I don’t know what to blog about, and I’m not very interesting!”)
  • Time constraints (“How often do I have to blog? I don’t have time for blogging!”)
  • Privacy (“I don’t want to reveal anything personal.”)
  • How to get started (“How do I set up a blog? I’m not a techie.”)
  • How to get comments (“Nobody comments on my blog posts!”)
  • Traffic (“How do I get people to come to my blog?”)
  • How to get people engaged (“I get traffic but no visitor interaction.”)

Here are the easy solutions to these roadblocks,
which are covered completely in the
“Jewelry Blogging Success Guide”:


The #1 Roadblock:
“What Should I Blog About?”

In the “Jewelry Blogging Success Guide” I’ve compiled 260 jewelry blog post topic ideas plus 123 bonus blog post starters.

That’s 383 prompts for writing your posts!

That’s enough ideas for . . .

  • more than a year of blogging 7 days a week
  • about 2.5 years of blogging 3 days a week
  • about 7.3 years of blogging 1 day a week
  • almost 16 years of blogging 2 days a month!

And of course, you can re-use any of these topics and blog post starters many times over – as a followup to your previous post(s) on that topic, or with a completely new perspective on the topic.

These aren’t generic blog post ideas.
They’re specific to blogging about handmade jewelry –
and they’re topics your audience
will find interesting.


Sample Jewelry Blog Post Topics
from This eBook:

Blog Post Topic #70:

Discuss your favorite props and backgrounds to use when photographing your jewelry, and why you like them.

What mood or visual impact do they contribute to the photos? Where did you get these items? Is there a story behind any of them?

Include photos showing these props and backgrounds at work in your jewelry photography.

Blog Post Topic #255:

Blog about a jewelry-making item or tool you have – but you’ve never used it yet. (I have a few things like that in my stash!)

How were you planning to use this item when you acquired it? Why haven’t you used it yet?

Do you think you’ll ever use it, or has the inspiration to use this item faded? Is there an alternative way you might use it?

Each blog post topic in this book
comes with questions and ideas
to help you flesh out
your blog post.



I loved your previous books so I immediately downloaded your blogging book. OMG I am in heaven!

I have taken several seminars in the past but just never got blogging off the ground. Now I know exactly what to do and have so many topics I am excited about.

LOVE the blog calender concept, which I have already set up.

I can’t thank you enough. . .

– Ann Nolen


“But I Don’t Have Time
to Blog!”

Actually, blogging for your jewelry business doesn’t need to be time-consuming.

In the “Jewelry Blogging Success Guide” you’ll learn how often you need to post in your blog at minimum (not as often as most jewelry artists think).

And I share my super-simple Editorial Calendar system for planning and scheduling your posts in advance.

Even during your busiest times of year,
this simple system saves you from
going long stretches of time between posts.


“I Don’t Want to
Reveal Anything Personal.”

On your jewelry blog, you never have to reveal anything you don’t want to.

Although some people are comfortable sharing absolutely everything online, many of us aren’t.

So in the “Jewelry Blogging Success Guide” I show you how to decide on your personal “sharing” boundaries – and how setting that guideline makes it easier to blog.

I also list some of the things I’ve shared online – and why those things are within my personal sharing boundaries.

You’ll be able to blog safely and comfortably
after setting your personal
“sharing boundaries”.


“How Do I Set Up a Blog?”

Setting up a new blog is easier now than it’s ever been.

In the “Jewelry Blogging Success Guide” I list the popular blogging platforms, and show you where to get started with each.

I also de-mystify the two types of WordPress blogs ( vs.

I’ll share my recommendations for
starting a new blog easily –
even if you don’t have any tech skills.


Simple Ways to Get
Comments, Followers, and Traffic

In this ebook I explain:

  • 7 ways to get more comments on your blog posts.
  • 16 ways to develop a following (your “tribe”).
  • 31 ways to get more links and traffic.

These are all easy, do-able ways
to build your comments, traffic, and followers –
and many of them are actually fun!


Plus Things
You Didn’t Ask for! 🙂

I’ve also included my strategies for:

  • Writing better blog posts.
  • Creating blog post titles that draw readers into your post.
  • Simple tweaks that make a jewelry blog more successful.

These strategies make blogging much easier –
and help your posts get
more eyeballs and engagement!


“This ebook is loaded with hundreds of handmade jewelry blogging strategies, tips, and ideas that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s designed to guide you through creating a successful jewelry blog that you can use to grow your business, your “tribe”, and your opportunities.

– Terri Wlaschin


What You’ll Learn in This eBook:

Starting a Jewelry Blog if You Don’t Already Have One

Part 1:
Laying the Foundation of a Successful Jewelry Blog

9 Jewelry Blogging Goals
9 Strategies for Making Your Jewelry Blog More Successful
Privacy vs. Sharing: What Should You Reveal About Yourself Online?

Part 2:
How Often Should You Post on Your Jewelry Blog?

How Often Should You Post?
How to Use a Simple Editorial Calendar for Your Jewelry Blog

Part 3:
Making Your Jewelry Blog Posts More Effective

17 Easy Ways to Create Better Jewelry Blog Posts
8 Tips for More Effective Jewelry Blog Post Titles
54 Examples of Short, Curiosity-Arousing Jewelry Blog Post Titles

Part 4:
Jewelry Blog Post Topic Ideas

260 Jewelry Blog Post Topic Ideas
BONUS: 123 Jewelry Blog Post Starters

Part 5:
Getting Comments, Building a Loyal Audience,
and Getting Traffic to Your Blog

7 Ways to Get More Blog Comments
16 Ways to Develop a Loyal Community Around Your Jewelry Blog
30 Ways to Get Traffic and Links to Your Jewelry Blog


You’ll also receive these
additional resources
for your success:


Rena’s Jewelry Blogging Checklists

Having simple checklists you can go through quickly is a huge time-saver.

It also ensures that your posts are always high-quality and not missing anything important.

These are checklists I personally use in my blogging activities.

You’ll Get These Checklists:

Checklist: Creating a Blog Post –
Includes everything from creating a powerful, effective headline, to improving your post’s content, to including the meta-info – and what to do after publishing the post.

Checklist: Guest Posting on Another Blog –
Guest posting is a power-strategy for growing your blog audience.

This checklist covers everything from finding a good blog for your guest post, through getting your post published, and what you need to do afterward.

Checklist for an Effective Jewelry Blog –
These are the features and info I look for when I review a jewelry blog – important points to be aware of.

For your convenience,
all of these Bonus checklists
are included at the end of the book.


eBook Format:

This is a PDF ebook that you can read on your
Computer, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Tablet, Smartphone,
and most other devices.

Immediately after your purchase, you can download your ebook and start learning new success strategies, tips, and secrets right away.



If you’re not satisfied with this book, just contact me within 60 days of your date of purchase – and I’ll issue your 100% refund immediately.

Your ebook purchase is 100% safe and secure – and 100% risk-free.


“I found especially useful the section listing hundreds of ideas for blog topics and the information on techniques to use to entice readers to go to your shop or to read more of your blog articles.

Loved that it’s an easy read with lots of useful tips for both beginners and those who have an established blog.”

– Terri Wlaschin


Get More Customers, Traffic, Fans,
and Comments on Your Jewelry Blog:


Jewelry Blogging Success Guide

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“There is so much in this ebook . . . the tools are all here.

I am so thankful to you, Rena. I have your other ebook – Social Networking. You have again done a great job.

And to my jewelry making blogger friends – I highly recommend this book. Give it a try.”

– Anindita Basu


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