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Rena Klingenberg

Jewelry Challenge 5 is here!

The theme is “Choose Your Muse”:

Choose one the four Challenge photos and make a piece of jewelry inspired by it.

(Or share an existing piece of your jewelry that relates to one of the photos.)

See the lovely entries submitted already – and enter your jewelry in this Challenge!

I love seeing which photo you choose, and how your jewelry relates to it!

Also, are you planning to sell your jewelry between now and December 25?

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– Rena Klingenberg
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Quick Tip

Silver Washer Necklace

Silver Washer Necklace

by Paula Hisel. (Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA)

See how Paula takes hardware-store jewelry components to a beautiful new level. I love her reason for creating this special jewelry line.

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Do You Wear Your Beginner Jewelry?


Jewelry and Coffee with Rena – Video Episode 12
by Rena Klingenberg.

Peek into my ancient history to see some of the earliest necklaces I made – and find out why I still wear them.

Build Your Online Jewelry Business
by Blogging

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New Jewelry Making Inspirations

Rustic Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Rustic Cuff Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

by Rena Klingenberg.

This tutorial is an easy two-part project. Here in Part 1, we’ll make the simple cuff bracelet.

Easy Patina Finishes for Copper and Brass – a Tutorial

Brass patina - ammonia and salt

by Rena Klingenberg.

Here in Part 2 of the Rustic Cuff tutorial, we’ll use a super-cheap, easy patina process to create a gorgeously rustic finish.

Faux Gilded Lace


by Liz Juneau. (Alexandria, Louisiana, USA)

In her Jewelry Challenge entry, Liz shows how she turns vintage lace into jewelry.

Decoupage Cuff Bracelet


by Arriel Goodwin. (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

Cuff bracelets are the perfect canvas for Arriel’s colorful collage designs.

Looking For: Metal Stamp Punch with the Word “Copper”


by Nancy Beu. (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Where can Nancy get a metal stamp that stamps the word “Copper”?

Share Your Favorite Gemstone Sources


by Michelle Byers. (United States)

Michelle is seeking a new online source for quality gemstones. Can you share any good sources?


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New Jewelry Business Tips

Your First Trunk Show


by Kristin Krull. (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

Kristin returns with strategies for finding and working your own best opportunities for selling your jewelry via trunk shows.

How Good is Gallery Good?

A Broken Path - Jewels2LiveBy

by Tracy L. Carothers. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Please share your thoughts for Tracy – how good or unique does artisan jewelry have to be for a Gallery?

How Do I Get Supplies Wholesale?


by Regina. (Vermont, USA)

Regina wonders how to find wholesale suppliers – and whether you need a tax ID number to make wholesale purchases?

Should I Sell My Handmade Jewelry at a Garage Sale?


by Yvette. (Lake Elsinore, California, USA)

Should Yvette take advantage of the opportunity to sell her jewelry at a professionally organized community garage sale?

Cataloguing and Storing: I Need a Better System


by Harper. (Massachusetts, USA)

Harper needs an efficient system for filling online jewelry orders. How do you organize and store your jewelry inventory?

Handmade: How Do I Make That Clear To Customers?

Jewel of Kalima - handmade bindi worn as forehead embellishment by dancers

by Natascha. (Switzerland)

Customers are often surprised to discover that Natascha makes the items in her booth. How can she make it clear that her things are handmade?

Trouble Finding My Niche

Rose Garden Dangle Earrings

by Jill. (Spring Branch, Texas, USA)

Jill enjoys dabbling in all kinds of jewelry techniques. Should she find a niche for her work – and if so, how?

Opening a Bead Shop


by Katrina Berry. (Muskegon, Michigan, USA)

Katrina would appreciate any insights on what to offer in a bead shop.


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story, studio, or what’s stopping you!


New Jewelry Display Ideas

Help With My Messy Jewelry Booth Please


by Maddy. (Alabama, USA)

Please share your ideas for how Maddy can organize her jewelry booth better.


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New in the Jewelry Gallery

Little Visions in Jewelry Art

These photo earrings feature my image of the Gateway Arch which stands proudly overlooking my hometown of St. Louis.

by Ann Widner. (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

Preparing for Autumn


by Sharon Harris. (Bloomington, Minnesota, USA)

Onyx Jewelry Set

Black Onyx and Sterling

by John. (Florida, USA)

Color Block Necklace


by Lynda. (Spring Valley, California, USA)



by Natasha Burger. (Faust, Alberta, Canada)

Beauty From Ashes


by Tamara Summers. (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Family Roots

Czech coin jewelry by Ann Nolen

by Ann Nolen. (Santa Rosa, California, USA)

Orange Mist

Orange mist necklace

by Diana Fiveash. (Austin, Texas, USA)

The Hummingbird


by Anita. (New Jersey, USA)


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Small Changes That Make a Difference
in Your Jewelry Business

by Rena Klingenberg

I like finding small changes I can make that have a noticeable impact on my business.

Here are two small changes I made:

I often catch myself fiddling away a few hours on activities that don’t really make a difference for my jewelry or my business.

Then I run out of time for getting the important tasks done.

So now I make a practice of doing the most important work first thing each day.

It makes a big difference for your business if you have a plan of at least one significant action to accomplish each day, and then do it before you do anything else.

Another common area of inefficiency is letting our jewelry-making scraps just accumulate in a box.

Of course, we don’t always have an immediate use for them. And some of them will probably never be used.

But I think it’s a good idea to go back through your scraps regularly to brainstorm ways you can turn them into sellable jewelry.

I’ve created some successful jewelry items from my scrap odds and ends.

And I have often been able to use things from my scrap pile instead of ordering more supplies.

For me, doing one important task first each day and making better use of my scraps were easy ways to make a positive difference.


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