Lamp Work Glass Boudica Celtic Sea Necklace NeoAmour Collection

by Meghann Lynch.
(Merickville, ON, Canada)

The Necklace as it could have come out of the sea

The Necklace as it could have come out of the sea

Inspired by the ancient Celtic sea, a handcrafted lamp work glass bead in sandy beige, blue and silver is accented by strong yet soft hand stitched bead work. I used a custom-designed mix of seed beads in silver lined blue, gold, black, brown, crystal, and topaz to bring out the beautiful shades in this 2 inch pendant made by fellow Etsy artist Fireseed.

I imagined a young Queen Boudica as she started her fight against the Roman empire, determined to save her people from Roman rule, looking over the sea from Britain to France (then known as Gaul). I could see her staring at the dark blue waves, the sun shining through the clouds, the sea foam as it washed rocks against the shore. This necklace was born.

Meghann Lynch
Little Studio Jewelry


by: Cathy Larsen

This is just a lovely piece. What stitch did you use to weave the seed beads?

Bead Stitch
by: Anonymous

Hello, thank you for looking at my necklace! To answer your question, the stitch for the main part is a Russian Spiral Stitch, found in Beth Stone’s “Seed Bead Stitching”. I used 6/0 beads for the whole thing, using double-threaded Fireline for extra strength. Hope that helps 🙂

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